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In some countries, the documents are accepted in either national or English language. This approach makes it easier to work with foreigners. This is especially true when applying for a bachelor's or master's degree, or getting a job abroad.

In Ukraine, a diploma and a supplement to it are now issued in 2 languages: Ukrainian and English. There are also companies, organizations, banks that provide certificates and other important papers in English. Such institutions’ attitude greatly simplifies the collection of documents for a person who is going abroad on personal matters, for the purpose of study or work. Thus Ukrainians save time and money.

When is a translation still necessary?

Even if your document is issued in 2 languages, this does not mean that you do not need a translation. It is worth knowing about this in advance in order to avoid misunderstandings. Otherwise, you will have to look for an interpreter in another country and it will be more expensive than in Ukraine. Therefore, we recommend that before leaving, you should make sure that the document is correctly drawn up, as well as the need for its translation.

Translation of bilingual documents is necessary when:

1. The seals contain information in the state language. In this case, a translation of the seal is necessary. The rest of the information on the document should not be translated. The seal contains the registration information of the institution that issued the document.

2. English is not the national language of the country. If you are submitting documents in a state where the official language is the national language, and English does not have a special status, then you will have to translate the document. In this case, all text information is translated.

Where to translate a document in Kyiv?

If you are in doubt whether you need a translation of a bilingual diploma or certificate, please contact the Pereklad agency for help. Our managers will help you to determine what kind of translation you need, and if necessary, they will make a notarized translation and help you to issue an apostille on documents.