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What is double translation?

Most of the translations come on papers that need to be translated from a foreign language into Ukrainian, Russian and vice versa. But there are situations when a translation is required, for example, from Czech to Chinese. What to do?

Pereklad Translation Agency has a large team of translators, including language speakers and professional linguists. The staff includes highly specialized specialists who are ready to perform technical, medical, and economic translations. This entire team works every day, providing services to individuals and legal entities.

A number of specialists speak several languages, so they can translate a text from German to English, from French to Italian. But sometimes it becomes necessary to translate a text from a rare language into another foreign one. If there is no specialist who speaks these 2 languages, then double translation is used.

How does this happen? An intermediate translation is used in the work: from the source language to Ukrainian, and then from Ukrainian to a target language. An intermediate option can also be Russian or English. Such translations are also subject to notarization, if necessary.

The double translation does not affect the quality of the service. Professional translators with many years of experience work on the texts, and each finished document is checked for misspelling by an editor.