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consul-legalization How does consular legalization take place?

In order to use the documents issued on the territory of Ukraine and in other countries, it is often necessary to undergo the consular legalization procedure. All certificates, diplomas and references meet the requirements of the state where they were issued. These materials are drawn up in the national language and comply with the accepted standards of document flow. In other countries, the documents are not valid in the form they were issued.

What is document legalization?

The purpose of legalization is authentication of seals and signatures in documents in accordance with the requirements of the recipient country. The procedure is carried out in several bodies: in the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, and then in the required consulate. In order for a Ukrainian citizen to obtain consular legalization of documents, it is necessary to apply to the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (depending on the document) and then to the embassy or consulate of the country where the citizen goes. The employee of the diplomatic mission authenticates it.

Consular departments work with the following documents:

  • Diplomas, school-leaving certificates, certificates confirming graduating from one of the educational institutions of Ukraine, transcript of academic record are also accepted;
  • Notarial documents issued in Ukraine;
  • Birth, marriage, death certificates;
  • Certificates issued by official bodies.

How documents are legalized?

It should be borne in mind that for the Hague Convention signatories, legalization takes place in a simplified manner. In this case, the documents are apostilled, and the procedure is almost identical for each Hague Convention signatory. As far as consular legalization is concerned, each country puts forward its own requirements; therefore, it is necessary to clarify the procedure and features of the procedure in any single case.

You can learn more about the manner of legalizing documents in Ukraine from the Pereklad Agency specialists. In our country, the following bodies are authorized to perform the procedure:

  • Ministry of Justice of Ukraine;
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine;
  • Consulate or embassy of a foreign state on the territory of Ukraine.

The consulate accepts only those documents that are intended for its state. Legalization of existing materials allows the further use of documents in the country where the person goes. They become enforceable and can be used as confirmation of a fact. For example, about getting a professional education or being married to another citizen.

Sometimes, the legalizing seal is placed only on the original, sometimes – on the translation of this document. Certificates and diplomas should be certified by the relevant ministries, have a notarized translation, and then they are submitted to the consular departments, where the final stage of the procedure is carried out.

For citizens of other countries, the question of how the legalization of foreign documents is carried out is relevant. They undergo this procedure in their states, finally turning to the consulate of Ukraine in the territory of the native country. With these documents, a person can come to Kyiv or other cities of our country.