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graduation-g7b67b4b84_1280 How to make a translation of a diploma for a university?

Today, every Ukrainian can get education abroad, mastering new professions, improving their qualifications or engaging in scientific activities. This opportunity is actively used by graduates of schools, colleges and Ukrainian universities. They can continue obtaining a bachelor's or master's degree by passing the necessary exams and submitting a package of documents for entry.

What documents are necessary?

Each country and university has its own requirements. Most often, students choose several educational institutions for entering, so it is necessary to study all the nuances. The applicant must know what the deadlines for enrolment are, what documents have to be collected, what exams, tests and interviews the future student should pass.

Particular attention should be paid to the list of required documents and requirements for them. Some universities require a notarized translation, others need their diploma or certificate to be apostilled. There may be other aspects that must be taken into consideration, otherwise the applicant will not be admitted to the educational institution.

If you already have a higher education, then the main document that you will need is a diploma and a transcript to it. Be sure to ask if you need a notarized translation and apostille. Learn about the grading system, because each country has its own. Most often, foreign universities require a notarized translation of the diploma and its transcript. Some countries require an apostille and a notarized document. Sometimes in a number of countries, our students are faced with a simplified system, when only a translation certified by an agency is enough.

Into what language should the diploma for entering a foreign university be translated?

Each country and educational institution has its own requirements. For European countries, translations are mostly made into English, German or French. Many universities accept documents in English, especially if subtractive teaching is provided for international groups in this language.

In Germany and Austria, universities most typically request documents in German. Consider this feature and check the requirements of the university.

If you are applying to educational institutions in Asia, their requirements for a diploma may differ from European ones. However, there are always international programs that simplify the collection of documents.

Where to translate a diploma in Kyiv?

Pereklad translation agency will help you make your dream of acquiring a quality education abroad come true. We will help you to process documents, namely:

  • make a translation of the diploma and its transcript;
  • make a notarized translation;
  • make an apostille for the diploma and the transcript.

We translate into more than 50 world languages, so whatever country you choose for entering university, we will help you in preparing the documents. The agency also works with certificates, letters of recommendation, and references. Therefore, we can translate the entire package of documents for you.