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The peculiarities of translation into foreign languages in Ukraine

In the activities of most translation agencies, professional translators who are not native speakers are engaged in working on texts. These are qualified specialists who translate documents, articles, scientific texts in accordance with international requirements. Their skills and abilities are enough to work with materials that are later accepted in other countries, used in government agencies and international companies.

In European practice, it is customary for a person who is a native speaker to translate or proofread the translations. This principle is not characteristic of the Ukrainian market due to the high cost. This method is just being implemented. The service of proofreading by a native speaker is becoming relevant.

What is proof-reading for?

When translating, each text must be carefully checked for errors, inaccuracies, and typos. Usually a proof-reader or an editor, which eliminates faults and makes the translator’s work thorough and competent, checks the material. A similar method is suitable for personal and commercial documents, when translating materials into English as an international language.

Proofreading by a native speaker is in demand in the following cases:

  • When translating marketing materials, advertisements, presentations;
  • When localizing sites, software, applications;
  • Literary translation.

The service is relevant when the client seeks to enter a specific foreign market, which is limited to one country or language group. Proofreading is in demand for both European and Asian languages. The work of a native translator makes a huge contribution to the business by creating a product that is understandable for consumers or partners. Mistakes are out of question in this case, because they can develop a negative reputation and scare off the target audience.

What are the benefits of proofreading by a native speaker?

A native speaker is a person for whom the language is native. This person grew up in a specific culture, absorbed traditions, mental characteristics of the environment. Such a translator has a better sense of style and the key points highlighted. A person perceives the language in its natural environment; therefore it is easier for him/her to correct the text within the framework of the unspoken rules and culture of speech of the region for which the translation is being made.

A native speaker specialist can naturally combine specific terms and spoken language, ensuring that the text is easy on the head, accessible for the target audience. The selection of language turns, idioms, metaphors and catchphrases speaks for a deep knowledge of the language and cultural characteristics of the country.

When promoting a product, service or idea to another market, it is important to speak with the client in his own language, and not only from a linguistic point of view. Only the native speaker can discern subtle nuances. The native speaker adapts your text to the cultural patterns and mentality of his nation, helping to create the perfect offer. The cost of proofreading by a native speaker is available to businesses that would like to gain respect from partners and target audiences and move into a new market.