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german_1 Translation agency (German language) | Pereklad - бюро переводов

Interesting fact: German is the 10th most popular language in the world. More than 100 thousand people use it as a native or second language for communication. It is an official language in 7 countries.

That is why a professional translator of the German language is so in demand. At the same time, translations of personal documents, industry translations for business, interpretation at meetings, conferences and negotiations are also in demand in our agency.

What is the peculiarity of translation from German?

Different countries and regions have their own dialects, so the language is rather heterogeneous and complex. Both oral and written speech have specificity:

  • One word can have many meanings, the knowledge of which depends on the complete understanding of the text.
  • Strict word order, without which you can lose the meaning of the phrase.
  • The verb has 6 tenses.
  • The presence of articles that indicate the gender of a noun in a sentence.
  • The presence of language structures that have no analogues in Ukrainian or Russian.

Therefore, it is not enough just to know the German language for a competent translation. A professional linguist must work on the translation. This applies to both documents and industry translations, which contain a lot of complex terms. Double interpretation of the text is unacceptable.

Pereklad Translation agency translates documents and texts from German into Ukrainian, from Ukrainian into German. Translation into other languages is possible, check the information with our managers. The agency works with more than 80 languages, our team includes full-time and freelance specialists.

Where to make a translation into German and notarization in Kyiv?

One of the most popular services of our agency is the translation of personal documents. More often it is requested when clients plan to use a passport, diploma or birth certificate abroad. If this is a foreigner, then the document is needed in Ukraine, and for our citizens - in other countries where the official language is German.

In order for the document to be accepted by the authorities of another state, you must:

  • translate;
  • certify the translation with a notary;
  • legalize the document in accordance with the rules of the host country.

It is important to know that the notary certifies the signature of the linguist who made the translation into German in Kyiv. This confirms that a qualified specialist worked on the text. Depending on the requirements for the document, we provide services for obtaining an apostille. This is a simplified legalization procedure, which is accepted in many countries.

In some cases, a double translation of a document can be required upon receipt of an apostille. You can clarify all the details with the host country or by consulting with our manager.

Contacting our agency, you do not need to spend time on each stage of paperwork. Everything is provided in one place: notarized translation into German, apostille.

For example, if you need to translate a diploma, but you do not live in Kyiv, then you save a lot with our agency. You do not need to come for a translation, visit a notary, or go through the legalization procedure. You will save on travel, hotel accommodation and additional expenses. You can send documents to us by courier.

Technical translation into German

One of our activities is the translation of technical texts for companies. Here the translator acts as a linguist and a technical specialist. Highly qualified employees work on such translations. We involve into such kind of work a translator who has education and experience in your niche.

Documents we translate:

  • technical documentation;
  • scientific works, articles, publications;
  • instructions for equipment and machinery;
  • drawings, diagrams;
  • catalogues of products, professional equipment;
  • standards, specifications and other documents.

We work with different formats of texts, images. We are ready to translate a large amount of information in a short time. Our team has created a certain algorithm of actions that allows us to process huge volumes of texts, while maintaining the accuracy and quality of translations.

All technical translations from and into German are carefully checked to provide the client with material ready for use.

Medical translations into German

Another area that requires a special approach is the translation of pharmaceutical texts. To work on such documents, we work with specialists with specialized medical education. Our linguists not only have a good command of German, but understand professional terminology.

We are contacted for translations of:

  • descriptions of medicines, instructions for them;
  • scientific materials: from articles to educational materials;
  • medical histories, certificates, medical reports;
  • test results;
  • instructions and documents related to medical equipment, etc.

The specificity of translation is not only in competent work with the German language, but also in understanding Latin terms. They are found from descriptions of medicines, ending with case histories.

Our experts will translate even text written by hand. Be sure that doctors' illegible handwriting will be correctly interpreted and translated into the correct language.

Our team will translate the documents into German and send the material anywhere in the world by courier services. It is convenient, fast and profitable.