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recovery-birth-certificate What to do if the Birth Certificate is lost? | Pereklad

What to do if the Birth Certificate is lost?

Anyone can lose documents. There are different situations in which this happened. But if you cannot find, for example, a Birth Certificate, then it can be restored even for an adult.

Cases when you need to restore a Birth Certificate

Interestingly, there are a number of other circumstances for which you need to obtain a duplicate Certificate. Among them:

  • Loss of the document.
  • Certificate damage.
  • The presence of marks, seals that are not provided for this type of documents.
  • Lamination.
  • Change of data: first name, last name.

Even if the document is in your hands, but it has the above defects, it is considered invalid. And in these cases, you need to get a duplicate. Only then you can use the document.

Why do adults need a Birth Certificate?

For a child, a Birth Certificate is sometimes the only document confirming the identity. But why is it needed for an adult, if he/she has a passport.

In fact, a Birth Certificate must be kept for life, it is often requested by various authorities. Therefore, if you have lost or the document is damaged, then it is better to immediately start restoring a Birth Certificate.

Cases when a Birth Certificate is needed for an adult:

  • Proof of relationship. Your parents are specified here, so without a Certificate you will not confirm the relationship. For example, to obtain a residence permit or citizenship.
  • Receiving an inheritance. There is no information about family ties in the passport. Surname and patronymic are enough to confirm the relationship between parents and children.
  • For donation. Proof of kinship allows to avoid an additional taxation.
  • Visa application. For some countries, proof of family ties is required in order to obtain a visa.
  • Marriage abroad. You need to prepare a package of documents, including a Birth Certificate, put an apostille on it and make a translation. All these services are available in our office.
  • Obtaining citizenship, residence permit.

These are just popular cases. Therefore, do not lose the document, and if this could not be avoided, then be sure to make a duplicate.

Where to restore a Birth Certificate in Ukraine?

To do this, you need to contact the registry office at the place of your registration. If the document was issued before 2009, we recommend you to make a request to the authority that issued it. So the process will go faster. If this is not possible, then apply at the place of registration.

Please note that you can get a duplicate only if you were born on the territory of Ukraine. If the place of birth is another country, then it is necessary to make such a request to another state.

Documents required to obtain a duplicate:

  • Passport. Original is enough.
  • An application in which you fill in the required data.
  • Receipt of payment of state duty.

If you have no time, no opportunity, you are outside of Ukraine, then you can entrust the receipt of a duplicate Birth Certificate to the specialists of our agency. They will go through all the procedures for you. We will do this as soon as possible.