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агенство перевода

Modern translation agencies offer clients a wide range of services in the field of translation or interpretation into other languages. Experts who are fluent in foreign languages are able to preserve the meaning of the document, arrange the text in accordance with accepted standards, correctly translate proper names and decipher complex terms.

When applying for citizenship, planning a trip abroad, or interacting with foreign partners, people are often faced with the need to translate certain documents. What about important foreign language technical, legal or medical texts with many terms? In this case, if you want the work to be done at a high level, you can also apply to translation agency.


When it is necessary to apply to a translation agency

That much is clear. The vast majority of foreign documents are drawn up only in the language of the country that issues them. Besides, all seals in these papers are also affixed in the national language. Therefore, in order for the ministry or department to understand the content of these documents and seals, it is necessary to translate them. Further, the translation should be notarized; otherwise, it will not be accepted in any public service.

You may need to use the services of a translation agency in the following cases:

  • Translation of standard documents. For travel abroad or for obtaining citizenship, it is often required to translate personal documents, for example, a passport, a driver's license, various certificates and references. However, despite such deceptively simple translation, one can easily stumble upon “pitfalls”. If the owner of the documents or his acquaintances take up the case, such a translation cannot be notarized, since the notary just does not have the right to do so. That is why, contacting a translation agency is a must.
  • Accurate translation of business documents. Translation agency services may be required in the process of cooperation with foreign business partners. If such interaction is constant, then, most likely, there is a translator in the company staff. However, what if you rarely communicate with foreign companies? It is for such cases that the agency offers highly qualified specialists for performing fast and high-quality translation. Their services will be especially helpful if translation of documentation is required here and now. After all, even the work performed by professionals within a couple of hours will be of high quality.
  • Translation of complex technical, medical and other texts. Professionals should only perform translation of such documentation in order to avoid dire consequences. Imagine what would happen if, for example, the instructions for use of a medication or the technical diagram of the aircraft were incorrectly translated? Only a qualified translator with many years of experience knows all the nuances in this area and is able to perform the correct translation of the required documents.


Advantages of turning to a translation agency

Along with that, clients who have applied to a translation agency in order to translate documents can use the services of notarization of documents, legalizing them through apostillation and text processing by specialists. Choosing a translation agency, the client gets:

  • Execution of your order within specified time-limits;
  • Free and extensive consultation of specialists on any issue;
  • Quality of work performed and absolute confidentiality of information provided by the client;
  • Flexible pricing policy and discounts for complex orders;
  • Free trial translation of a small fragment to make sure that the translator is highly qualified;
  • Use of the latest IT developments in the work, providing for high-quality translation of texts of any complexity.

Along with the above, the translation agency conducts a careful selection of specialists with impressive knowledge in various fields and extensive experience in working with texts and documentation. The agency employees are constantly improving their knowledge, studying changes in foreign terminology and attending specialized courses. Besides, there is a position of editor or proof-reader in the translation agency. This specialist proofreads all written translations, detects and corrects inaccuracies. That is why you can trust our translation agency!