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Everyone who is faced with the need to translate personal or business documents for the first time asks questions: “Is it possible to translate it yourself? Where to make a transfer?

Independent translation of documents, websites, any materials is not the best option. We will talk about this a little later. It is better to turn to professionals who will help you translate the text correctly, taking into account every nuance. To do this, simply enter the search query “ translation agency in Kiev ” into Google or immediately contact

Can I translate the text myself?

Many people know 1-2 languages well, use them for everyday communication, work and travel. This level allows you to understand the essence of most documents, place an order in a foreign store or find the necessary information on the Internet in the original language.

It would seem that you can apply knowledge of the language in any business, but you should not do translations of important documents yourself. Why?

  • You may not understand a few words, which will change the meaning of the entire text.
  • Using translation programs, you may not notice errors, and the translation as a whole will be “crooked”.
  • A number of texts should be translated only by a professional. For example, a notary will not certify a translation made by a non-professional translator.

Remember that any mistakes can lead to fatal consequences. Poor-quality translation reflects badly on the image of a business company, legal documents translated with errors will either not be accepted or will lead to confusion in the data.

Translator or native speaker?

It seems that a native speaker is an ideal person for a competent translation of any material. He knows one language perfectly, like a native, and the second - at a high level. But even in such a situation, it is undesirable to give the translation to a native speaker.

The reasons:

  • A native speaker has no theoretical knowledge about translation. A professional knows all the nuances of language norms, is able to work with texts from different fields of knowledge, areas of human activity.
  • Lack of experience. A professional translator will never allow free interpretation, will do the job thoroughly, accurately translating every moment in the document.
  • Lack of communication skill between two languages. This is especially true for narrow-profile translation. It is difficult for an ordinary person to find a connection between terms in one language and their translation in another.
  • A native speaker will not be able to argue his work. Sometimes there may be misunderstandings with the host in the work, for example, about the meaning of a particular term.

Translation agency: advantages

Only a professional translator will translate competently and efficiently. The specialist has a specialized education, and sometimes even several, which helps to work in narrow niches. For example, to translate medical texts.

A whole team works in the translation agency, so your text will be translated in a short time in compliance with all the rules. Several specialists work on one document, which improves the quality of the service: translator, proofreader, editor.

If you choose an agency, you are guaranteed to receive a high-quality translation, regardless of any circumstances.

The company uses specialized software in its work, maintains glossaries for each project, uses the data of completed translations (when the client requests a large amount of information). All this is an additional cost that one person cannot handle.

The team employs qualified translators, including native speakers with professional education. Specialists with many years of experience work with complex projects. All of the above is a guarantee of quality for our customers.