Getting an individual taxpayer identification number (Tax code)

Getting an individual taxpayer identification number for a foreign citizen

A taxpayer identification number (ITIN) is a unique number assigned to every taxpayer in Ukraine, including foreign nationals. Normally the number is issued after the 14th birthday, but it can also be obtained for a younger child.

When does a foreigner need an ITIN (Tax code)?

A foreigner may wish to get an ITIN in a number of cases:

  • If the foreigner wishes to be permanently resident in Ukraine.
  • If the foreigner is not permanently resident in Ukraine, but engages in activities that are subject to taxation in our country, such as opening bank accounts etc., regardless of the time for which he/she stays in the country.

Non-residents living in Ukraine under a residence permit can obtain their ITIN at the tax office appointed for their place of residence. In other cases, the foreign citizen must apply for his/her ITIN at the local office of the State Fiscal Service.

After obtaining an ITIN (Tax code), a foreign citizen can:

  • pursue employment or business activities;
  • perform business transactions, enter into agreements;
  • perform banking transactions;
  • apply for a residence permit or citizenship;
  • study at higher educational institutions;
  • receive financial benefits from the state;
  • acquire property, etc.

How to get an ITIN (Tax code) for a foreigner in Ukraine

The procedure of getting an ITIN for a foreigner is difficult and may take a while. When registering a foreign national as a taxpayer, his/her details must be entered into the State Register in the Ukrainian language. For that reason, prior to applying for an ITIN, a foreign citizen must translate his/her passport into Ukrainian and notarize the translation.

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That is why it is better to contact us for an ITIN for a foreign citizen

That is why it is better to contact us for an ITIN (Tax code) for a foreign citizen

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To get an ITIN (Tax code) for a foreign citizen, we are going to need:

  • a notarized power of attorney for our employee;
  • a passport for traveling abroad with a notarized translation.

If you do not have a notarized translation, we can deliver it in less than 30 minutes.

We will hand over you the notarized translation of your passport for traveling abroad together with the ITIN for a foreign citizen, so that you could use it for various purposes in future, such as for buying or selling real estate property or for getting a residence permit.

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