Employment-based residence permit: nuances in formalities

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Official residence permit for a foreigner is the opportunity to reside in and move within the territory of Ukraine in accordance with the law. The document fully allows to use the extended rights which are not accessible to stateless persons and persons without residence permit in the country. There are many ways to obtain the document allowing temporary residence one of which is official employment in Ukraine.

You may obtain temporary residence permit (or abbreviated TRP) issued in case of official employment, if any, in the Migration Service of the district corresponding to the declared place of residence and registration of the foreigner. Temporary residence permit entitles foreigners to stay officially in Ukraine during the whole period of document validity without necessary visa issuance.

You may obtain temporary residence permit on the basis of employment personally, but this procedure requires special knowledge of the law nuances. We recommend to rely on us for fast issuance (without waiting) of the temporary residence permit in Kyiv.

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For obtaining an employment permit you should provide the following documents:


  • The appropriate application;
  • Valid health insurance;
  • Guarantee letter from the organization;
  • Foreign passport with a visa type D;
  • Notarized translation of the passport;
  • The original document allowing employment.

The documents listed above should be submitted to the Migration Service of Ukraine no later than 15 days prior to expiry date of the type D visa. Temporary residence permit issuance will take 15 calendar days from the date of submission.

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You may obtain a temporary residence permit on the grounds prescribed by the legislation, in particular on the basis of:

  • family reunification;
  • studying;
  • promotion of technical assistance in the international organizations;
  • canonical activities;
  • working in the representative offices, subdivisions and other forms of foreign non-governmental organizations official structures;
  • activities in the area of science, culture and educational projects teaching;
  • participation in the projects of governmental and international voluntary organizations;
  • participation in the programs and projects involving volunteers;
  • working as a journalist or one of the international mass media employees;
  • acting as a founder, participant or beneficiary of the legal entity officially registered in Ukraine.

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When ordering a temporary residence permit on the employment basis in PEREKLAD Translation Agency you will get the following advantages:

  • Free consultation in all matters regarding the obtaining of temporary residence permit;
  • Saving your time as our specialists know all the nuances and particularities of the legislation and practical aspects;
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