FOR LEGAL ENTITIES: Apostillation of notarized documents

Today, dynamic business development is directly related to international contacts. Small and large enterprises expand their markets beyond Ukraine, cooperate with foreign partners, actively participate in conferences and exhibitions. For all this, companies need to provide founding documents abroad.

Apostille for legal entities

Apostille for legal entities

The Hague Convention made it easier for Member States to legalize documents. Now, to validate the papers and acts, issued by official bodies, abroad, it is enough to pass the procedure of apostillation. In Ukraine, it is carried out in the relevant Ministries. The documents are checked for authenticity by the national authorities and then a stamp, called an apostille, is placed on the original or a copy.

Legal entities, like individual ones, also should make apostillation of their documents. Thanks to it, the founding and other documents are valid abroad. Most often, the following notarial documents are to be apostilled:

  • charter;
  • incorporation contract;
  • certificate of registration;
  • power of attorney.

Moreover, other documents issued by the tax office, Pension Fund, often undergo a procedure of double apostillation. After the first stamp is placed, the papers are translated and a translator’s signature is certified by a notary. In some cases, a notary’s seal and signature also have to undergo apostillation.

It is important to know!

Every Member State of the Hague Convention has its own individual requirements for the registration of notarized documents of legal entities with an apostille stamp.

All notarized documents pass the procedure of apostillation at the Ministry of Justice. For this, originals and copies of acts are provided. Stamping takes 2 to 7 days.

How can legal entities quickly affix an apostille stamp on notarized documents in Kyiv?

How can legal entities quickly affix an apostille stamp on notarized documents in Kyiv?

If you do not know where to start or do not have enough time to expect an apostille to be affixed on your documents, translation bureau will do everything for you. We have formal agreements with the Ministry of Justice, which allows our clients, legal entities, to obtain an apostille for notarized documents in 2 days.

We provide a full range of services from affixing an apostille stamp to translation, notarization and double apostillation. Our specialists understand all the nuances of submitting documents in the territory of other countries, which helps you to avoid unexpected situations abroad when opening new branches and concluding agreements with foreign partners.

The office of translation bureau is located in the heart of Kyiv - not far from ‘Maidan Nezalezhnosti’ metro station. Here a legal entity will receive every possible advise, you will be able to translate any document into English, German, Polish and more than 50 languages, to receive a notary certification. We work with companies from all over Ukraine. We provide the service of delivery of documents to anywhere in the world. A full-fledged client support, a high-quality execution of the order and a wide range of services - for all this we are praised by individual and legal entities, becoming our long-standing clients.