Apostille for notarial documents

The apostille stamp allows using any legal document abroad. To make notarial documents valid in other countries, the easiest way to legalize them is to have an apostille affixed on them. The stamp is put by the authorized body – the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. An apostille certifies documents authenticity, confirming powers of an entity that has issued a document.

Notarial acts include all official papers executed with the involvement of a notary. These are contracts, powers of attorney, certificates of ownership, affidavits, etc. In order for documents to have equal legal force abroad, they are to be apostilled or a form with an apostille stamp is filed.

It is important to know!

A notary does not issue an apostille. The stamp is placed only in the Ministry of Justice.

How can you have a document apostilled in Kyiv?

How can you have a document apostilled in Kyiv?

Officially an apostille stamp can be affixed within 3 to 5 working days. Execution period depends on the need to verify seals and signatures on a document. To obtain an apostille for notarial documents, an original is required.

To make an apostillation as soon as possible, use the services of Pereklad.ua translation bureau. We officially work with public authorities, which allow our clients to obtain an apostille for notarial documents in Kyiv as soon as possible.

Pereklad.ua translation bureau is ready to provide a full package of services so that you can use necessary documents abroad. Our advantages:

  • free consultations on apostille, translation and notary;
  • submission of documents for an apostille;
  • short execution period – at least 2 working days;
  • translation of documents and an apostille into a foreign language;
  • notarial certification of a translation.

It is important to know!

Apostillation in Ukraine is carried out only in the state language. In order for a document to be valid in other countries, it is necessary to translate it.

An apostille is valid in states that have signed the Hague Convention. An apostille stamp abolishes the need of legalization of notarial documents in a consulate. Papers with an apostille affixed are valid in all the member states. This greatly simplifies the preparation of papers and acts for all those traveling abroad. Notarial documents may be necessary both for individuals and legal entities.

Where can you have your notarial documents apostilled in Ukraine? ?

Where can you have your notarial documents apostilled in Ukraine?

It is possible to have an apostille for your power of attorney, certificate of ownership, contract or affidavit in Pereklad.ua translation bureau in the heart of Kyiv, not far from ‘Maidan Nezalezhnosti’ metro station. With our services, you do not have to stand in lines or long await for the execution of the procedure – our managers will do everything themselves in the shortest possible time.

To obtain the apostillation service, all you have to do is to provide an original document. All the rest will be prepared by our specialists. If you want to obtain an apostille on a turnkey basis, we will not only have your documents apostilled, but will also translate them and also notarize. We perform translations into more than 50 world languages.

We provide the service of delivery of a document package to anywhere in Ukraine and the world. We can draw up an apostille for diplomas and certificates of education, certificates of birth and marriage. A full range of fast, high-quality, inexpensive services, that will ensure an easy trip to any country.