Apostille in Kyiv: what you need to know

Apostille in Kyiv: what you need to know

An apostille is a special stamp that is put on documents so that they can be legally recognized abroad.

An apostille certifies the powers of the person who issued the document and his/her signature. This stamp can be issued at certain ministries, such as the Ministry of Justice. An apostille can be stamped either onto the document itself (if there is enough free space) or on a separate page which is then bound to the original. Such document has full legal effect.

Documents are apostilled to streamline legalization across the countries that are signatories to a special convention.

Where to have an apostille issued in Kyivе

The following authorities have corresponding legal competence:

  • The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (for documents issued by educational institutions – apostille on a diploma, an academic transcript, a certificate of secondary education, etc.).
  • The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine (for documents issued by judicial authorities – apostille on a birth certificate, apostille on a marriage certificate; documents issued by courts and tribunals; documents issued by notaries, etc.).
  • The State Registration Service (the documents issued by its departments).
  • The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (for documents issued by authorities under the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the State Migration Service, the Ministry of Health – apostille on a certificate of no criminal record, on a statement of residence, on a medical record, etc.).

Apostille on documents: what it looks like and what is inside

Apostille on documents: what it looks like and what is inside

An apostille is a stamp of 10х10 cm containing the following information:

  • The full name and position of the person who signed the document;
  • The country where it was stamped;
  • The name of the organization that put its seal on the document;
  • The date and place (city/town) where the document was apostilled;;
  • The serial number of the apostille.

Important notes about the procedure of apostilling

In Kyiv, an apostille can only be stamped in the national language. An apostilled document needs translation – both the document and the apostille.

In certain cases, to use a document abroad you may be required to notarize the translation. We provide a full range of services, including notarial certification.

Some other reasons to work with our translation agency

Some other reasons to work with our translation agency

An apostille is issued by competent authorities within 1 to 40 business days. Do you need to have your apostille issued ASAP and without waiting in lines? Contact us for assistance!!

We have official contacts at government authorities and can get you an apostille within the shortest possible time – from 2 hours, on Ukrainian documents only.

We will provide an accurate translation of both the document and the apostille and have them notarized as required, completely releasing you from the need to travel, waste your time and have unnecessary stress. You only need to provide the original of the document and sometimes a photocopy or a scanned copy of the first and second pages of your passport.

We can also provide free advice on all matters related to apostilles – both in person and on the telephone. On top of that, we offer the most competitive prices on apostilles. Our translation agency’s assistance in getting an apostille costs from UAH 300. Contact us right now to order the service!