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marrige-certificate How to get a duplicate Marriage Certificate? | Pereklad

How to get a duplicate Marriage Certificate?

Sometimes you need to collect a package of documents, which includes a Marriage Certificate. But it is not always possible to provide the original. Sometimes we just can't find it, other times it's corrupted and can't be used. What to do in this case?

If the marriage was concluded in Ukraine, then you can request a duplicate. It has the same legal effect as the original.

Why restore a Marriage Certificate?

The document can be requested by a government agency of any country where you are located. To do this, you need to provide the original or an official duplicate, make a translation and affix an apostille (or legalize the document).

A Marriage Certificate is required in the following cases:

  • Proof of relationship. This may require not only your Birth Certificate, but also your parents. This option is relevant for obtaining a residence permit, citizenship.
  • When submitting to government agencies in other countries. In some cases, you need a document drawn up less than 6 months before filing.
  • For legalization of documents abroad. For a Certificate to be valid in another country, it must be legalized or apostilled.
  • To apply for a visa, obtain a residence permit, etc.

What to do if you have lost your Marriage Certificate

If you are currently married, then you have the right to get a duplicate. After a divorce, you can request another document - a marriage record.

The procedure can be done by any of the spouses, the presence of the second family member is not necessary. If you do not have time to submit an application, waiting for a document, we recommend you to contact our office. By proxy, our specialists will go through all the procedures for you. This is especially convenient if you are abroad. This way will save money on your trip.

Action algorithm:

  1. Contact the registry office at the place of registration. You can also contact the authority that issued the document directly. So the procedure will go faster.
  2. Provide the passport details of the spouses.
  3. Pay the state fee.

Remember that a duplicate is not issued immediately. The government agency submits requests, so you will have to wait for a duplicate a certain time.

If the Marriage Certificate was issued in another country, then you need to contact the relevant authority abroad.

If you need a document for further use abroad, then you need to go through the legalization procedure or affix an apostille. Only in this case the certificate will have legal force. And in order for the document to be accepted by state bodies, it must be translated into the state language. We can deal with all these issues. It is enough for you to apply once for services to our agency.