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translation-agency-kyiv_1 How to get a translation of documents if you are in Europe? | Pereklad - бюро переводов

How to get a translation of documents if you are in Europe?

Millions of Ukrainians are now abroad and face the need to use Ukrainian documents. At the same time, documents translated into the state language are accepted in European countries. There are also requirements for a notarized translation and an apostille stamp.

How to translate documents if you cannot come to Ukraine?

For documents execution, obtaining duplicates, apostille, translation of documents, you need to come to Kyiv. But not all of our clients have this opportunity. Someone cannot spend so much time and money on a trip, it is difficult for someone to take time off from work or place of study, or for other reasons. At the same time, some procedures cannot be done through the Ukrainian embassy. What then to do?

It's very simple - contact our Pereklad Translation Agency. We work with clients who are anywhere in the world. Contact us:

  • Through the feedback form on the site.
  • Write to the mailbox: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • In social networks.

In Telegram or Viber

Managers will process your application and contact you in the next few hours. We will answer your questions related not only to translation, but also to paperwork: obtaining duplicates, apostille.

We make translations from 87 languages of the world, so you can be sure that we will cope with your task. You do not need to come to Ukraine to receive the service. We have convenient forms of payment for services.

If you need to get an apostille, issue a duplicate, then you can also entrust these tasks to our managers. They will go through all the procedures for you by proxy in a timely manner. We will send a ready-made package of documents by postal and courier services.

All this is much cheaper and faster than if you did it yourself. Just calculate how much time and money you need to spend to get to Ukraine, come to Kyiv to get an apostille, pay for accommodation, contact translators, notaries and government agencies on your own. What if you need more than one document?

What else do you need besides translation of documents?

In order for documents issued in Ukraine to be accepted abroad, they must at least be translated. This is done by professional translators. Self-made translations are not accepted by official bodies. A notarized translation is also often requested. In this case, the notary certifies the authenticity of the signature of a qualified translator.