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atlantis-ge7338bacf_1920 How to legalize the documents for the UAE? | Pereklad - бюро переводов

When entering another country, it is important that all the documents are in order and comply with local laws. Confirmation of the legal status of a person on the territory of the state, the ability to work, study or do business there officially depend on this.

Today, many countries stick to the Hague Convention thus simplifying the procedure for documents regularization. For people entering these states, it is enough to affix an Apostille stamp. However, not all the countries have ratified the international treaty. The UAE are among these countries. Therefore, for study, work, business, permanent residence in the Emirates, you should legalize the documents.

Legalization is a complex procedure. Being so, it does not give the right to obtain a residence permit, citizenship, or any benefits, but only validates the documents issued on the territory of Ukraine. They, in turn, are required to interact with government agencies within the country.

How to certify the documents for the UAE?

Please note that the document should be legalized in the country where it has been issued. This multi-step process culminates in a visit to the UAE Embassy. Each structure has its own work schedule and certain documentary requirements.

Each Ukrainian undergo the following stages:

  • affixing a seal at the Ministry of Justice;
  • affixing a stamp at the Ministry of Internal Affairs;
  • translation of the text of the document into Arabic;
  • notarization of the translation;
  • authentication of the document at the UAE Embassy in Kyiv.

Every step takes time, knowledge of the procedure specifics and financial costs.

What documents have to be legalized for the Emirates?

If you are going to stay in the country as an individual, you should validate the following:

  • certificates of birth, marriage, death;
  • educational documents: diploma, certificate, transcript;
  • certificates of criminal record, medical certificates, proof of residence;
  • notarized documents.

To validate a number of documents, it will be necessary to contact the relevant ministries. For example, to legalize a diploma, Ukrainians turn to the Ministry of Education.

Legal entities have to confirm the authenticity of:

  • certificate of state registration of a legal entity;
  • extracts from the register;
  • licenses for the right to carry out activities;
  • other documents related to the organization.

Where to legalize documents for the UAE in Ukraine?

Ukrainians can undergo all the stages on their own, but it takes a lot of time and effort. Although what if there is no time to wait, go to all the institutions, wait in lines and collect the necessary documents? For this there is Pereklad agency, which will perform not only the translation, but the entire procedure for the documents validation.

Our specialists will undergo all the stages for you, and you will receive a legalized document that will be valid in the Emirates. It can be applied in case of admission to a university, official employment, getting residence permits and doing business.