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microphone-704255_1920 Simultaneous interpretation: why choose a translation agency?

In our experience, clients who order a simultaneous interpretation service for the first time do not always understand the intricacies of this type of translation. Therefore, when choosing a performer, it is important not to chase cheapness. Professionalism is important here, not low price. One of the most common mistakes is contacting a private specialist. 

What's the problem? Let's figure it out together.

Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is a verbal translation of a speaker's speech. The speaker does not make pauses during his part of the program. Interpreters work simultaneously with the speaker, minimizing delays in verbal speech interpretation. For synchronous translation, special equipment is used: headphones, microphones, a portable booth, a remote control, and receivers.

Such interpretation differs from regular consecutive one, where the speaker pauses so that the interpreter can translate the spoken fragment to the listeners. The services of a simultaneous interpreter are in demand at conferences and forums where many people and listeners gather. Consecutive interpretation is relevant for business meetings, negotiations, conclusion of transactions, and personal accompaniment.

What are the difficulties of simultaneous interpretation?

  1. A simultaneous interpreter must have clear articulation. A proper pronunciation of a specialist makes it easier for the listener to understand the speech of the speaker, to go deeper into the topic discussed. Any nuances in pronunciation can negatively affect the result.
  2. A specialist should have a lot of experience in work, the ability to concentrate on the task, to perform his/her work well even with a large audience.
  3. Simultaneous interpretation is an indispensable part of long-term events. Therefore, the interpreter must work in pairs. It is unacceptable for one person to work throughout 8 hours in a row. 
  4. The specialist should easily navigate in what is happening, understand and convey the speaker's emotions. Besides, unforeseen situations may arise at such events that should not stress out the interpreter.
  5. The translator interpreter with special equipment. To ensure that the equipment does not fail, and all problems are immediately fixed, a technical specialist should be present in a team.

As you can see, it is just impossible for one interpreter to meet all the requirements. Therefore, in order to provide high-quality services, we recommend that you contact not a private specialist, but the Pereklad translation agency. A whole team of professionals will work on the interpretation.

Why should you contact an agency for simultaneous interpretation?

Advantages of working with the Pereklad translation agency:

  • experienced specialists in the field of simultaneous interpretation;
  • all the rules for the work of translators are followed, the specialists work in pairs;
  • equipment that you can rent for the event, and a trained specialist will service the equipment;
  • a simultaneous interpreter prepares for the event in advance, studying the event-related materials from the client;
  • the agency remains open to clients' requests, providing a service at a high, professional level.

Our team will cope with any task, so that all information from the speakers is conveyed to the participants and listeners of your event.