Simultaneous interpreting in Kyiv

Simultaneous interpreting in Kyiv

With simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter has to maintain the real-time interpretation of the speaker’s words, simultaneously with the speaker. The latter does not have to make forced pauses, which allows him/her to continuously hold the listeners’ attention, whereas the simultaneous interpreter faces a difficult task of delivering the accurate real-time translation without spending much time on contemplating it.

Kyiv regularly hosts numerous events of international scale with a vast audience, and to ensure they run smoothly, the organizers may want to use the services of simultaneous interpreters. They can help maintain the working atmosphere and meet the event timeline.

When you might need a simultaneous interpreter in Kyiv

When you might need a simultaneous interpreter in Kyiv

Here is an example list of events where you might need the service of simultaneous interpreters:

  • conferences;
  • seminars;
  • forums;
  • presentations;
  • congresses;
  • summits.

What to consider about the simultaneous interpreting in Kyiv

Simultaneous interpreting has its specifics. First, a simultaneous interpreter must be a true professional, as listening to the speaker and interpreting at the same time is very hard. Usually, simultaneous translators work in pairs and change each other at short time intervals. Prior to the beginning of the event, the simultaneous interpreter must familiarize him/herself with the topics and materials of the event.

Second, simultaneous interpreting requires specialist equipment and technicians maintaining this equipment. That is to say that apart from hiring simultaneous interpreters, you also need to rent the appropriate equipment and find the technicians to service it.

A turnkey solution for simultaneous translation in Kyiv

We will do our best to help you hold your event to the highest standards:

  • We will provide top-class simultaneous interpreters.

Our simultaneous interpreters with over 3 years of work experience will ensure the impeccable quality of simultaneous translation at your event in Kyiv. In compliance with the international standards, our agency will engage two interpreters. Among the simultaneous interpreters we employ there are those who are proficient in popular languages, but also some who provide interpretation from more rarely used languages (16 language pairs in total). The cost of simultaneous interpreting is from UAH 2000 per hour (per a pair of interpreters).

  • We will back up your event with professional digital equipment

We are ready to provide everything you need within the shortest term:

We are ready to provide everything you need within the shortest term

  • Portable and stationary booths for simultaneous interpreters;
  • Core modules of simultaneous interpretation systems;
  • Interpreter consoles;
  • Receiving sets for delegates (listeners);
  • Mixing consoles;
  • Audio systems;
  • Microphones.

We rent out digital simultaneous interpretation equipment made exclusively by BOSCH and DIS. Such equipment eliminates interference and any chance to overhear the speech outside of the hall.

Have you got more questions? Contact us right now to get advice or hire a simultaneous interpreter.