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About the Armenian language

Ukraine has always had close ties with Armenia. This is not only interaction at the level of two states, but also the work of business, cultural organizations, educational projects, and tourism. People come to study, work, have a rest. Someone decides on a temporary move or chooses a country for permanent residence.

In these cases, one cannot do without the translation of documents from Ukrainian into Armenian, or from Armenian into Ukrainian. If you need a translation into another language, then check with the managers - we work with 87 languages.

For government bodies, a translation by a qualified translator is required. Our agency certifies the translation with the seal of the agency or we do notarization.

The Armenian language has its own peculiarities and differences, so it is important that the person doing the translation correctly conveys all the meanings in the text. Let's highlight a few features:

  • complex system of cases;
  • the use of articles that are placed at the end of the word;
  • there is no grammatical gender, the gender is determined by a certain ending;
  • many features in the rules of punctuation.

To avoid mistakes and inaccuracies in the texts, we do not recommend translating into Armenian on your own. Entrust this work to professional linguists - translators of Pereklad agency.

Where to translate a document into Armenian in Kyiv?

Our agency will translate your documents in a short time. Here you can translate personal documents:

  • passport;
  • birth, marriage, death certificate;
  • certificate of basic/complete education, diploma, supplement to the educational document;
  • certificate of non-conviction;
  • power of attorney and more.

Since there are certain agreements between Ukraine and Armenia, the documents do not require additional legalization. In order to use them in another country, they need to be translated and certified by a notary. Our agency provides both of these services in one place. You do not need first to go to a translator and then visit a notary separately. It is convenient and saves you time.

Our translation agency is located in the centre of Kyiv - 3 minutes from Khreshchatyk. You can come to us or send documents by a courier. We also work with clients from all over the world. You do not have to be in Kyiv to use the services of our agency.

If you have questions about the documents, the managers will give a free consultation.

Price of translation from Armenian

All clients are interested in the cost of services. We understand you, so you can see the cost in the “Services and Prices” section. It is enough to find the type of your document. You can also check the price with our managers by phone. They will make a calculation taking into account the number of documents and additional services, such as notarization.

We have affordable prices for the translation of documents, while we adhere to international standards. Quality and competence come first. You can also order urgent translation of documents. Keep in mind that the service will cost more due to the limited time frame.

If you need to translate technical, medical, legal and other specialized texts, we are ready to provide you with such a service. Tell the managers the volume and nature of the documents so that a preliminary calculation can be made.

Translation into Armenian: advantages of working with our agency

Your further actions depend on a competent and professional translation. Any errors in the preparation of documents slow down the process. Therefore, when choosing a translator from the Armenian language, we recommend choosing Pereklad Translation Agency. We can make/offer:

  1. Translation of personal documents from Armenian and into Armenian by professional linguists.
  2. Opportunity to receive additional services in one place — we make a notarized translation, etc.
  3. We translate documents and texts for business: from legal to specialized. Translators with specialized education — technical, medical, economic — work on projects.
  4. We advise on the preparation and translation of documents.
  5. Delivery of translations and documents throughout Kyiv and around the world.
  6. Ability to order a translation from anywhere in the world: contact us via the order form or by e-mail.
  7. We guarantee data confidentiality. Information from the submitted documents will not be disclosed to third parties.

We carefully check each order to provide you with a competent and high-quality translation without typos and inaccuracies. The team consists of highly experienced professionals. Texts are proofread twice, including by the editor.

How to order a translation online?

Not all of our clients come to the office. Some are busy with their own affairs: work, business, family issues, the second live in other Ukrainian cities and towns, and the third are abroad.

Whatever situation you are in you can always order a translation into Armenian or from Armenian online. All you need to do is to contact us in a way convenient for you:

  1. To submit an application on the website in the “Online order” section
  2. To write to us by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  3. To send a message to Phone / Telegram / WhatsApp
  4. To leave a request in our social networks.

Our managers will contact you and tell you what you need to make an order, even if you are in another country. If necessary, send original documents, then you can use the postal or courier services.