Medical translation in Kyiv

Medical translation in Kyiv

Medical translation is a popular service with a growing demand driven by the growth of pharmaceutical industry, emergence of new medical equipment and advances in medical science. There is a high demand in Kyiv for the translation of medical documents, articles and translation of medical certificates.

Medical translation has its specifics. The translation of medical documents involves dealing with lots of field-specific terms, abbreviations and acronyms. The translation of handwritten source documents is associated with additional difficulty because of an often illegible handwriting of the doctor. These circumstances must be considered when choosing a translator, as an inaccurate translation can entail serious medical and legal implications.

Put your trust in a medical translation agency!

Rely on a medical translation agency!

Our agency offers medical translation services for healthcare facilities and pharmaceutical companies around the world. We provide translations of any difficulty and scale with a guarantee of the highest quality.

Our company employs experienced translators who have qualifications in both languages and medicine, and more importantly, they have a working experience as a doctor. They can confidently deal with complicated translations and illegible handwriting. Field-specific terms and acronyms are also not a problem for us, as we will ask the advice of qualified doctors if required.

Medical translation requires strict confidentiality. To that end, we are always ready to sign a non-disclosure agreement. All our employees are also aware of their responsibilities as they sign confidentiality agreements, so you can be certain that your information will not be disclosed to third parties.

Special approach to the quality of medical translation

Special approach to the quality of medical translation

Our credo is attention to details and accurate usage of relevant medical terminology.

Our medical translations comply with the international standards ISO 9001: 2008 and DIN EN 15038, so you can be sure of their quality.

We have developed our own approach to the quality verification of medical translation. During the first stage, the translation of medical documents is carried out by a translator or a team of translators from Kyiv. They use special translation memory software ensuring the consistency of style and terminology. During the second stage, the translation of the medical documents is proofread by an editor to eliminate possible errors and inaccuracies. During the third stage, where relevant, we engage healthcare specialists and teachers with a medical degree from the leading medical education institutions who then help perfect our medical translations.

Translation of medical documents in Kyiv

Our medical translation agency offers the translation of the following documents:

  • translation of medical certificates and abstracts;
  • translation of patient information leaflets;
  • translation of medical records;
  • translation of articles, presentation and advertisement materials;
  • translation of expert reports;
  • translation of pharmaceutical documentation;
  • translation of medical equipment manuals.

We also specialize in the localization of medical websites and the translation of news for medical companies’ corporate websites.

Formats of the documents we work with

Medical documentation can contain tables, graphs, diagrams. Below are the most popular formats we work with:

  • MS Word documents: doc, docx, docm, rtf, txt.
  • Excel spreadsheets: xls, xlsx, xlsm, csv.
  • Adobe Acrobat digital documents: pdf.
  • Power Point presentations: ppt, pptx, pptm.
  • Website pages: htm, html, php, xml, rss. .
  • Help files compiled of HTML pages: chm, hlp.
  • Corel Draw vector documents: cdr.
  • Graphical files (images): jpg (jpeg), tif, bmp, gif, png.

Contact us if you need a quality translation of medical documents in Kyiv!