Employment permit: nuances of formalization

emloyee Employment permit: nuances of formalization

Employment permit may be issued in the Employment Centre of the district where the company employing a foreigner is registered. Employment permit entitles foreigners to be officially employed in Ukraine with further obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine.

The person may formalize an employment permit by him-/herself, but this procedure requires special knowledge of the law nuances. For fast issuance (without waiting) of the employment permit in Kyiv we recommend to rely on PEREKLAD Translation Agency.

For a new employment permit issuance, you should provide the following documents:

  • The appropriate application;
  • Notarized translation of the foreigner’s passport;
  • Colour photograph sized 35x45 mm;
  • Copy of the draft employment contract with a foreigner.

Upon confirmation the procedure requires a payment amount of which depends on the period of permit validity:

  • For permits for the period up to 6 months it amounts to UAH 3 842;
  • For permits for the period from 6 months to 1 year it amounts to UAH 7 684;
  • For permits for the period from 1 year to 3 years it amounts to UAH 11 526

We may formalize a permit for official employment for you in the shortest possible term.

employment Employment permit: nuances of formalization

Categories of foreigners in obtaining employment permit

People without Ukrainian citizenship and who apply for employment may be divided into two categories: general and special one.

Special group includes:

  • Foreign IT specialists;
  • Foreign specialists with a salary up to UAH 208 650;
  • Foreign individuals being beneficiaries, founders and participants of the law firms established in Ukraine;
  • Foreign artists;
  • Foreigners who graduated from universities belonging to TOP 100 of the World University Rankings.
General group should include foreigners who do not belong to the special category.

employment2 Employment permit: nuances of formalization

Foreigners who do not need an additional employment permit are the following:

  • those who have a permanent residence permit in the country;
  • those who were issued a permit to immigrate to Ukraine or who have a refugee status;
  • those who arrived for providing international aid in the country;
  • specialists of the emergency rescue services in emergency works;
  • current employees of foreign embassies, consular agencies and other official services;
  • journalists or other foreign mass media specialists being accredited in our country;
  • airline employees, navy or river fleet members of another country;
  • those who were invited for teaching or scientific work in the educational establishments and organizations of Ukraine;
  • those who need protection and also are provided a temporary protection in our country;
  • religious communities’ representatives who temporary arrived to Ukraine at the invitations of churches and other religious communities;
  • sportsmen, actors and artists who arrived for carrying out their activities in Ukraine according to their profession.