Professional document translation in Kyiv

Professional document translation in Kyiv

Document translation may be needed by both Ukrainians intending to travel abroad and foreign nationals wishing to visit Ukraine for reasons different from tourism.

The most frequently required translations in the above cases are:

  • passport translation, for reasons ranging from issuing a power of attorney to applying for a residence permit;
  • Translation of a certificate of secondary education and its transcript, which may be needed to acquire further education;
  • translation of a birth certificate or a marriage certificate, in case of changes in marital status, the need to apply for a residence permit, etc.;
  • translation of powers of attorney might be needed to carry out various legal activity on behalf of the principal;
  • translation of references, certificates and applications of various nature; you can imagine that the possible purposes of these documents are plentiful and so are their types.

Important aspects of document translation

Important aspects of document translation:

To the Ukrainian language (for use within Ukraine)

To be able to use the documents issued by the Russian Federation or other countries within the Commonwealth of Independent States in Ukraine, all you need is to get the notarized document translation in Kyiv.

If the documents were issued in other countries, then you might typically need to legalize them to be able to use them in Ukraine. This can be done either by your country’s consulate or through having an apostille stamped on the document, depending on its country of origin. After the legalization, the document needs to be translated and certified by a notary public.

To the Russian language (to use within Russia) and to the languages of other CIS countries

If you need to bind the translation to the copy of a document rather than to its original, you will need to have a notary public to certify both the translator’s signature and the copy of the document.

Please note:

If the document is originally made in Russian and bears a seal or some text in Ukrainian, you will need to also have them translated into the required language.

You would also want to translate the seal and executive endorsement of the notary certifying the translation, to avoid paying for any additional translation in the country of destination.

Translation of documents to English and other languages not specified above

To make sure your documents will have a legal effect abroad, do not forget to ask the end user whether any specific requirements to these documents are in place. Often, apart from the translation itself and its notarial certification, they might need to be legalized by the consulate or with an apostille (or two apostilles in some cases), depending on the country and authority of destination. If you need advice on this matter, please contact our managers for details on the proven ways of legalizing documents for use in a foreign country.

Visa document translation

To travel to countries that require applying for a visa prior to arrival, Ukrainian citizens often need to translate their documents and have the translation sealed by a translation agency. Consulates and embassies of these countries will in most cases be satisfied with documents prepared in this way, since visa requirements in terms of supporting documents have been greatly simplified. It is also worth mentioning that most countries will accept English translations of relevant documents.

Why our agency is the best place to order document translation in Kyiv

Why our agency is the best place to order document translation in Kyiv

Our specialists will deliver an accurate and fast document translation aligned with the requirements of the authorities for which the documents are intended. In addition, we offer a one-stop solution that includes the translation, notarial certification and, where relevant, legalization and apostille service for your documents. This will save you time and money.

We are the only agency that offers the following services absolutely free of charge:

  • consultation on how to prepare documents so that they are legally recognized abroad;
  • translation of the notary’s seal and executive endorsement;
  • a digital copy of translation for you to save money on future translations;
  • certification with the agency seals.

Depending on your circumstances, we can make an urgent translation and ship it to any location in Kyiv, further around Ukraine or outside Ukraine

We guarantee the lowest prices and high quality (in compliance with ISO 17100:2015).

Contact us right now and see for yourself!