Translation of a Power of attorney

Power of attorney is a legal document that allows a person or organization to represent the interests of another individual or legal entity. Such documents are often made for a car, real estate, representation of interests. The power of attorney is necessary for conclusion of deals, registration of documents, use of property.

Specialized translation of Powers of attorney in Kyiv

Specialized translation of Powers of attorney in Kyiv

Translation of Powers of attorney is required both for foreign and Ukrainian citizens, when certain legal actions should be performed in the territory of another state. For this, a text should be translated into that state’s language and notarized, which will give it legal effect both in Ukraine and abroad.

In our bureau, the translation of Powers of attorney is performed by certified translators specializing in the translation of legal documents. The Power of attorney can be certified with the seal of the translation bureau, as well as of the notary. The second option is usually more in demand, as it has an official character and confirms that the text was worked on by a professional, whose competence is confirmed by the notary.

Translation of Powers of attorney into Ukrainian

For foreign citizens, translation bureau will prepare a document translated into Ukrainian. For a document from Russia or the CIS to be valid in our country, a notarized translation is required. The service is carried out within the shortest possible time. The legal translation of Powers of attorney from Russian allows you to represent the interests on transactions of other persons, located outside of Ukraine.

Our specialists are ready to translate documents from English, German, French, Polish and other languages. Notarized translation validates a document, so you can carry out specified activities on behalf of a grantor.

It is important to know!

For most cases, foreign documents are to be legalized. The procedure is carried out either in a consulate, or an apostille is affixed.

Translation of Powers of attorney into foreign languages

The citizens of Ukraine may need a Power of attorney for a car or business management, so we recommend taking care of the legal translation well in advance. translation bureau in Kyiv provides a full range of services and free consultations on translating Powers of attorney into English, Polish, Russian and other languages. Our specialists provide consultations that will help you to find out how to draw up your documents. In addition to notarized translation, legalization or apostille may be required.

If the translation of the text is required for submitting the documents for a visa, the processing of the translation is greatly simplified. Many consulates need a document with a translation bureau seal. The translation can be made into English.

It is important to know!

If a document is written in one language, and a seal and signatures are in the other, a mandatory translation of a seal and signatures is required.

Kyiv bureau services

Kyiv bureau services translation bureau has many years of experience in working with legal texts. Our specialists perform a high-quality translation. We are attentive to all the nuances, because we understand that any error can lead to serious problems. We value our clients and guarantee reliable professional translations.

Advantages of the translation of Powers of attorney in Kyiv bureau:

  • we advise on all documents and their working abroad free of charge;
  • we certify documents with the seal of the bureau and notary;
  • we translate from more than 50 languages.
  • we store an electronic version of the text, which allows our clients to save when further revisiting us;
  • we provide delivery to anywhere in Kyiv, Ukraine and other countries;
  • we keep confidential.

Thanks to our high-quality service, the clients trust us with legal and other types of translations over and over again. We guarantee professionalism and a high quality of the work of every our specialist.