Apostille for a certificate of non-conviction (for the Police documents)

A certificate of non-conviction is one of the most demanded documents, which is often requested by public authorities both in Ukraine and abroad. For a paper to be valid in other countries, it should be apostilled. The stamp confirms that a certificate is not forged and is issued by competent authorities.

Why may a certificate of non-conviction abroad be needed?

A certificate of non-conviction confirms that at the time of the request a person was not convicted of a criminal offence, was not wanted and is not currently convicted in Ukraine. Apostille makes it possible to use a document in other states that have signed the Hague Convention.

Our clients mostly need an apostille affixed on a certificate of non-conviction for:

  • obtaining a visa and travel to another country;
  • obtaining a temporary or permanent residence permit;
  • applying for citizenship;
  • employment.

This is the list of the most popular cases, but it does not exhaust the need for a document. It depends on each country and a specific case.

How can I have a certificate of non-conviction apostilled?

How can I have a certificate of non-conviction apostilled?

It is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine that puts a stamp on documents from the Police. A notary does not perform such a service. You can go through the procedure yourself or apply to Pereklad.ua translation bureau.

Before apostillation, you need to get a certificate itself. For this, apply to the Department of Information Technologies at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. Free certificate is being prepared within 30 days, you have to pay to speed up the process. You can also order a certificate in our bureau, we can receive it for you in the shortest possible time – at least within 1 working day. For apostillation, you have to submit a certificate to the MIA. The seal is placed on a document itself. The process also takes 1 to 40 days.

You can speed up the procedure in Pereklad.ua. We have formal agreements with the authorities that put a stamp on certificates. A document should be prepared as soon as possible – within 2 working days. A personal presence of a client is not required.

Peculiarities of a certificate of non-conviction apostillation in Ukraine

Peculiarities of a certificate of non-conviction apostillation in Ukraine

At first glance, the apostillation process is quite simple, not requiring paper red tape. In fact, there are pitfalls, which citizens often do not suspect.

It is important to know.

The apostille stamp is valid only in countries that have signed the Hague Convention. Other countries’ citizens need the document to be legalized in a consulate.

Difficulties are connected with different requirements of foreign countries. Applying to Pereklad.ua in Kyiv, you will get a free consultation on all issues of drawing up a document. Our managers treat every client and every case with special care.

For the United States, it is required to translate an apostille into English and certify a document with a seal of the translation bureau. In some European countries, you will need to apostille a document, then to have a notarized translation of it and put the second stamp of an apostille from the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Other states may require certifying a translation in a consulate. It is better to know all of these nuances beforehand, so that when leaving abroad, you could take a complete and correctly drawn up documentation package with you.

Kiyv Pereklad.ua translation bureau helps with a certificate of non-conviction apostillation in the shortest possible time. We provide a full range of services that will help you to be ready for every requirement of foreign institutions. We can help with a birth certificate apostille, notarial documents, etc.

You can send us documents by courier from anywhere in Ukraine and even the world or come to our office in the center of Kyiv. We will qualitatively and quickly prepare the entire documentation package, saving your time, effort and money.