An apostille for the Ministry of Health, the Fiscal Service, the Pension Fund and other bodies’ documents

Citizens of Ukraine are increasingly traveling abroad not only for recreation, but for personal affairs, for the purpose of education, work or immigration. In these cases it is often necessary to apply to the state and commercial institutions, providing documents, certificates or extracts. Papers intended for use abroad that have been issued in the territory of Ukraine, require legalization.

The Hague Convention considerably simplified the process of documents legalization for all member states. Now for a trip to many countries it is enough to provide an original document with an apostille affixed. The stamp is placed by official bodies of Ukraine. It confirms an authenticity of a document, of seals and signatures on it. An apostille is placed either on documents themselves or is a separate form, filed to an original.

Apostille for health, fiscal, pension documents: where and how?

Where and how can you obtain an apostille for the Ministry of Health, the Fiscal Service, the Pension Fund and other bodies’ documents?

You can have the stamp placed by an appropriate Ministry and public bodies. To have the seal you look for, you need to provide an original document that requires legalization, and to have an identification document with you. The procedure can take 1 to 10 working days. In this period requests are made, an authenticity of the paper is being ascertained, signatures of authorized persons and seals of organizations that issued them are being specified.

For each document, it is necessary to find the correct body that has an authority to affix an apostille in Ukraine. To avoid confusion, as well as to take into account all requirements of foreign countries, we recommend to apply to our translation bureau. We have direct agreements with the Ministries. An apostille is affixed legally without queues in the shortest possible time. Your personal presence is not required.

An apostille for a medical certificate and other documents of the Ministry of Healthя

Health issues are one of the most important. When applying for a job in a company or studying in educational institutions, you need to provide a form 082/о certificate, which certifies that an individual does not have any dangerous diseases. Then you should affix an Apostille stamp on a medical certificate in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. Such documents are often required when obtaining a residence permit.

For people planning to undergo diagnostics, treatment, aesthetic and health procedures abroad, will make not only an apostille for certificates, but also a medical records translation: of certificates, clinical charts, medical assessment reports, etc.

An apostille for the Fiscal Service documents

Before going for permanent residence abroad, the Ukrainians need to submit a property and income statement to the Fiscal Services. A statement is submitted in advance, no later than 60 days before the day of the expected departure. If a person does not have any tax obligations that are not fulfilled, he or she is given a tax return. This document may be required at the customs or in some foreign institutions. Sometimes, an apostille is required for a tax return and the Fiscal Service documents. The stamp is placed in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

An apostille for the Pension Fund documents

You can make apostillation of certificates and extracts from the Pension Fund in Kyiv at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. The public service confirms an authenticity of the documents, seals and signatures. For the stamp to be placed, you should provide an original and a copy.

Where can you quickly make an apostille for documents and certificates in Kyiv?

Where can you quickly make an apostille for documents and certificates in Kyiv? translation bureau will speed up the procedure and save you from queuing. Our specialists know all the nuances of the apostillation. We will file papers for you in the relevant Ministries. An apostille stamp on documents is affixed within the shortest possible time – at least 2 days.

Advantages of the documents apostillation made by

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