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Legalization of educational documents

To study abroad, Ukrainians need to collect the entire package of documents. Their list depends on the educational institution where the prospective student is going to enter, as well as on the mode of study. For example, for a bachelor's degree, a certificate of secondary education is enough, but as far as a master's degree goes, you need a bachelor's degree.

However, the original documents are not enough for foreign universities. You have to legalize Ukrainian documents in order to use them in another country. One of the kinds of this procedure is apostillation. This procedure facilitates document flow between Hague Convention signatories. For Ukrainian citizens, it is enough to place an Apostille stamp at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine to apply for most universities admission.

But before submitting a certificate, diploma, applications and other forms for apostillation, you should make sure that the documents are drawn up correctly. Otherwise, your documents cannot be legalized.

Common mistakes in the preparation of educational documents

To make sure that your diploma or certificate is drawn up correctly, check it for errors:

1. Document forms do not correspond to the state-established standard form 

In Ukraine, educational institutions are allowed to issue diplomas on their own forms. But at the same time there is an approved list of information that should be presented in the documents. This applies to both certificates and diplomas as such. Therefore, if the documents issued by an educational institution do not comply with the regulatory legal acts of Ukraine, they will not be accepted for affixing an apostille.

2. Inconsistency of signatures and seals

Educational institutions use several types of seals. Different authorized persons can put signatures on the forms, depending on the significance of the document. But there are clear requirements for the apostille: the signatures are put by the rector or the vice-rector, and the official seal is used for certification.

3. Seal and signature are applied typographically

Educational documents used to be prepared using digital images. The stamp and signature were typographic. But such documents had several degrees of protection. Now diplomas, certificates and other forms must have real signatures and seals.

4. Lack of data

A common mistake is the absence of the serial number and other data on the document. Before submitting a diploma for apostillation, thoroughly check the forms for compliance with the standards. Without the serial number, it will be impossible to confirm the veracity of the document.

What to do if an error is detected in diploma or certificate?

Ask your educational institution for a duplicate. For this reason, submit a written statement. If the university or college does not exist any longer, you have to contact the successor organization or the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.