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medical-gfb14b3ade_1920 Who should do medical translation? | Pereklad - бюро переводов

Today, few people can be surprised by treatment abroad. Some go to foreign countries for their annual examinations, others for planned operations. Women often entrust the process of childbirth to foreign clinics. Whatever type of service a person needs, it is necessary to prepare the documents in advance. Except for collecting certificates, their translation into another language is required.

Medical translation is in demand not only among individuals. Companies also use translation services. The production of new drugs, further sale to other countries requires translation of instructions, certificates and other specific documentation. Medical science develops rapidly, medical researchers publish their articles, sharing their discoveries and experience.

What is medical translation?

Before you figure out who should do the translation, you’d better understand what different types of documents are like. It entirely depends on the nature of the original text. Medical translations are a large field of services that is not limited to one format.

  • Translation of medical documents for individuals. Health certificate, clinical records, medical cards, prescriptions and other documents are used in this service. Usually they are collected before travelling for treatment or examination. Even if the patient knows a foreign language, they will hardly be able to translate medical terms, so it is important that a professional does it. In some cases, an interpreter may be hired to accompany the client during communication with doctors in a foreign country.
  • Pharmaceutical translation is associated with medications, preparations and substances of which they are composed. Manufacturing enterprises and suppliers require just this kind of service.
  • Medical and technical translation is applied to devices and tools manuals. Each equipment needs guides, manuals, and application instructions. Medical translation is required both for the end user and for workers involved in the assembly of elements.
  • Scientific translation. In the medical field, it can be both written and verbal. The first is used for publications in collections of scientific papers, on websites, translation of books and scientific articles. But one cannot do without an interpreter at conferences and seminars, which bring together scientists and doctors.

The most highly sought are medical translations into English. The services of German and Hebrew speaking translators are also in demand. This is due to the developed medicine in these countries. Ukrainians entrust their medical examinations, childbirth and treatment to doctors from the USA, Germany, and Israel. Our fellow citizens often choose clinics in the Czech Republic, Turkey and Poland.

Translator’s education and specialization

It entirely depends on the field the linguist works with. Of course, a person should not be just a translator with an impeccable knowledge of the language. There are a huge number of terms in medical texts, it is important to understand their particular nature.

For example, to translate the texts related to medical equipment, a specialist should have a technical education. It is important to understand the principles of operation of the equipment and other subtle aspects that can be unknown to a doctor and an ordinary linguist.

For the translation of clinical records, health certificates, medical reports, a specialist should have a professional education. It will help you them to navigate the names of diseases, diagnoses and other terms. Many medical words are of Latin origin, so you can't do without specialized education.

Any type of medical translation requires special knowledge and skills from a specialist. Even for the translation of scientific articles, it is important to understand the style of such works, and when providing services for pharmaceuticals – the international nomenclature.

Pereklad Translation Agency is a team of specialists, true masters of their craft. We employ linguists who deal with technical, medical texts, and can translate pharmaceutical documents. Each specialist has the appropriate education and professional experience, so that to provide services to our clients at a high level.

If you have to translate documents for treatment abroad, publication of an article in an international medical journal, or you plan to organize a medical conference in Ukraine with the participation of foreign scientists, we are ready to help you in this matter by providing the best translators in the medical field.