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visa-3653492_1920 Translation of documents for a visa: we let you save your money
Today, the Pereklad translation agency will share with you how to save time and money on preparing documents for a visa. Going abroad, you need to take care of collecting a package of documents in advance. Except for the source documents, the consulates also require their translations into the state language of the country where you are going. In order not to waste your precious time, as well as not to make an expensive urgent translation, we suggest that you read this article.

What documents are required for a visa?

This information will help those applying for a visa for the first time. Thanks to the knowledge of the subtle aspects, you will collect the package quickly and spend less money. We would like to note that the set of documents and the requirements for them are different in each country. Therefore, we recommend that you get to know the list in advance on the official websites of the consulates.

Most often, Ukrainians are asked for the documents confirming:

  • their identity;
  • solvency;
  • that a citizen has a place to live on the territory of the country which you need a visa for.

What do you need to know when collecting documents for a visa?

Names and addresses spelling

Before translating documents for a visa, pay attention to how the full name is written in a foreign language. It is important that there are no discrepancies. Focus on the data in the international passport. Of course, there are general rules for transliteration, but sometimes the spelling of the first or last name may differ. All translated documents should not have such a problem.

Collect the names, addresses of organizations, firms, and educational institutions. Most businesses and institutions have English-language sites where you can check the correct spelling. Provide this information to the translation agency manager.

Proof of funds

Many Ukrainians prove their funds by providing a bank statement. This document displays all transactions with the account for the last 3 months before the date of submission of documents.

There is another option that saves time and money. For this, you have to make a photocopy of both sides of the bank card and attach a check, which reflects the balance. You can get such a check at an ATM. Generally, it can be printed immediately in English.

Important: For this method, international cards, which have the last name, first name and a photograph of the owner, are suitable. In other cases, you will have to order a bank statement.

Translation of real estate purchase and sale agreement

If you provide documents that prove that you own property, they also need to be translated. Contracts usually contain many pages, which increases the costs. However, there is one trick to save money – a partial translation.

When submitting documents, your property layout and other subtle aspects are completely unimportant. Information on the subject of the contract is required for translation. Therefore, when contacting a translation agency, please inform that you need a partial translation of a document for a visa. The translator will individually select the necessary blocks to prove your ownership.

Housing lease contract

If you book a hotel, you have a tourist voucher, so there will be no problems with the documents. This information is usually provided in English. When renting an apartment, ask the receiving party to draw up the documents in the required language, providing the full name and other details in advance. This will save you the need to translate the contract or forms as well.

Type of translation of documents for a visa

Specify which translation option is needed by the consulate or the receiving party. Sometimes a corporate translation certified by the agency seals is enough. Notarized translation of documents is more expensive, but it is not always necessary. Notary services are more expensive.

Anyway, always clarify all the requirements for the documents, translations and the execution of additional certificates and extracts. This helps to avoid wasting time, money and wrecking your nerves. It is expensive to do an urgent translation, so make sure you do it in advance.