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What is simultaneous interpretation?

Pereklad agency provides interpretation services. One of its types is simultaneous interpretation. A high-quality type of translation that is actual at a live event or live broadcast. It allows you to convey information in another language without interrupting the flow of communication between those who speak different languages.

Simultaneous interpretation involves the use of professional interpreters who quickly translate the words of someone speaking into another language using special equipment such as headphones and a microphone.

Simultaneous interpretation is especially important for international conferences, meetings, business meetings and other events where participants from different countries are present and they speak different languages. Thanks to simultaneous interpretation, participants can communicate freely in their native languages without fear that someone will not understand what they are saying.

Where to order remote simultaneous interpretation?

Modern capabilities allow you to make video calls with people from any part of the world. It is convenient for business, for scientific conferences, educational programs. You can conduct negotiations, discuss working conditions, get the opinion of a specialist in a narrow field on your issue.

But you, as an ordinary person, cannot speak all the languages of the world. Even if you know English well, you may not be able to navigate specific terminology. Therefore, simultaneous interpretation into English is the right solution for any online event.

Simultaneous interpretation online is a translation technology that allows participants of a meeting or event located in different places to communicate with each other in different languages in real time.

We provide such a service for holding international conferences, webinars, negotiations, interviews and other online events where participants speak different languages. Simultaneous interpretation allows you to preserve the natural flow of communication without interrupting it for translation, which contributes to more effective and productive communication of all participants.

Where to order simultaneous interpretation in Ukraine?

Our Pereklad agency provides professional simultaneous interpretation services for both offline and online events, using advanced technologies and equipment. Our specialists will provide high-quality translation for all event participants. We will help you to hold a successful online event at a high level, taking into account the specifics of the format.

Our translation agency provides highly qualified simultaneous interpretation specialists with many years of experience. We also offer the rental of special simultaneous interpretation equipment for uninterrupted information transmission.

Simultaneous interpretation services include:

  • Preliminary consultation and selection of the optimal solution for the event.
  • Real-time translation services at the event.
  • Equipment for interpreting for events: interpreter booths, headphones, microphones, etc.
  • Setting up and checking technical equipment before the event.
  • Backup equipment to prevent possible failures.
  • Preparation of translators for the event, including familiarization with the topic and materials.
  • Simultaneous interpretation in real time according to the requirements of the customer and the theme of the event.
  • Operational support in case of problems with technical equipment or other situations.

Our agency is located in Kyiv, so we can help with translation at offline events. And we will also help to hold any online conference at the highest level.