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Why do you need a technical translation?

Modern business and production cannot be imagined without international relations: work with partners, suppliers, customers, representatives, investors. Therefore, you cannot do without documentation in foreign languages. At the same time, the specifics should be taken into account, because the work is conducted with technical texts.

Our Pereklad agency is ready to help you with this task. Technical translation is a translation of scientific and technical documentation, technical specifications, operating manuals, instructions and other materials related to technologies, production and a science-consuming processes.

A high-quality translation of technical texts requires the translator to have special knowledge and experience in the relevant field to ensure accuracy and compliance with the terminology. It is important that the translator understands not only the language, but also the technical specifics of the subject area, therefore the choice of experienced specialists is a key factor when ordering a technical translation. That is why our agency employs not just translators, but specialists with professional technical education.

Types of technical translation

Our agency works with any type of technical texts. Our services include:

  1. Translation of technical documentation: translation of scientific articles, technical manuals, instructions, specifications, descriptions of equipment, machines.
  2. Technical software translation: translation of the software interface, technical software documentation.
  3. Translation in the field of science and technology: translation of scientific articles, reports at conferences, scientific publications, theses.
  4. Translation in the automotive industry: translation of documents related to the production of cars, operating instructions, repair manuals.
  5. Translation in the field of energy: specifications, project documentation, manuals on the operation of energy equipment, etc.
  6. Translation in the field of construction: documents related to the construction of buildings and structures, installation instructions.

Our technical translation centre works with diagrams and drawings. We are ready to process orders in various formats.

Where to make a technical translation in Ukraine?

Pereklad agency provides technical translation services in various languages and in various industries. We work with clients all over Ukraine and all over the world. We do technical translation online so that you can get quality service even without coming to our office.

We work only with experienced translators who have a specialized education and work experience in the relevant fields. Our company guarantees high translation quality, confidentiality and data security.

Specialists know the technical techniques of translation, use glossaries, special software - all these help to process a large amount of material in a short period of time.

Several specialists work on each project. All texts are checked by a proof-reader and editor to eliminate inaccuracies, general and typographical errors. We value the time and trust of our clients, so we fulfil each order according to technical translation standards.