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technical-translation Features of translation of technical documentation

What is technical translation??

Technical translation is one of the specialized types of translation. A translator working with industry-specific texts and documents not only has to know two languages well, but also be a professional in the field the material belongs to.

In technical translation, literacy, correct transfer of meaning and preservation of the text style are important. He works on the document with the preservation of specific terminology. This terminology has the main key to a general understanding of the documentation translated from one language to another.

A technical translator should have a relevant educational background, regularly improve his qualifications, and follow the development of the industry, to be aware of its features and innovations in it. Technical translation is always associated with applied sciences, so each translator is responsible for one branch: chemistry, computer science, geology, oil refining, mechanical engineering, etc.

Features of the translation of technical documents

The list of technical industries is quite long, and the terminology is expanding each day. Translation complicates the specifics of companies' work. Businesses from the same industry may use different terminology to refer to the same thing or phenomenon. This is due to competition and the desire to make the product different from those of other manufacturers’.

The translator must understand not only the industry, but also be familiar with the specific terminology of the company. That is why the Pereklad translation agency creates a glossary that is discussed with the client. Such a glossary helps to adhere to a single terminology when working with the documentation of the company, which helps to guard against errors or double interpretation of the material. The translator is to convey the meaning and essence of the document competently so that an engineer or other technical specialist can understand it.

Working with classical technical dictionaries can lead to ambiguous interpretations or misunderstandings of terms. Concepts, words, designations should be easy to read both in instructions and in drawings..

Translation of technical documents includes the use of units of measurement. It is important not only to transfer the parameters correctly, but also to convert from one measurement system to another. For example, converting degrees from Fahrenheit to Celsius. In this case, it is necessary to know not only different scientific measurements, but also the formulas with which it is necessary to convert the indicators. That suggests the deep immersion of the translator as a narrow-profile specialist..

Translation of technical literature: stylistics

When working with technical material, consider:

  • Communication style, which must be discussed with the client;
  • Use of industry buzzwords and set expressions;
  • Lack of first-person narration, use of impersonal or passive forms;
  • The text should inform the reader, and not advertise or convey the personal opinion of the author;
  • The translation should convey the logic of the source material as accurately as possible, using professional terminology.

Technical translation: price

When setting tariffs, translation agencies take into account the complexity of the project, its volume and urgency. The prices for technical translation correspond to those for highly specialized works. Professionals with a linguistic and technical education usually work on such translation. These are narrow specialists.

Large volumes and urgency require the involvement of several translators for one project. That is why, the cost of the service may increase. At Pereklad Translation Agency, we work on technical texts of any kind: from instructions, drawings and specifications to large scientific papers. Professional translators and two-level verification of texts ensure high quality of work. You can also receive additional information on the service page - Technical translation