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handshake-g15f6dcdd9_1920 Why is an interpreter at a business meeting necessary? | Pereklad - бюро переводов

Are you planning to enter foreign markets or cooperate with foreign suppliers? Then you need a professional translator. Along with this, you will need not only written translation of contracts, business correspondence and other documentation, but also interpretation. What if not all negotiators are fluent in foreign languages? Of course, turn to Pereklad Translation Agency and they provide an interpreter for your business meetings.

How to gain credibility?

In the business world, first impressions are very important. It is important not only to show how serious your intentions are, but also how competent you are in all aspects: from discussing the main issues to legal nuances. In a conversation with representatives of Ukrainian companies, you can easily show how professional you are, but with foreign ones, a language barrier may arise.

Even a good knowledge of English can not always help the discussion of highly specialized issues. At a live meeting, it is important to immediately understand the meaning of what was said, there is no time to think it over. In this situation, an interpreter will help. Besides, the presence of such a specialist will show that you have prepared for the meeting, that the issues discussed are really important for you and your company.

There are several formats of a business meeting:

  • Formal negotiations;
  • Business lunch;
  • Informal conversation;
  • Online conference, negotiations.

A translator should not only be fluent in languages, know the peculiarities of consecutive or simultaneous translation, but also be competent in the specifics of your business. Such a specialist uphold high standards of ethics and confidentiality. This is important for both parties to the negotiations.

Simultaneous translation of a business meeting

This is the most difficult type of translation. During the meeting, the interpreter translates the speech of the speaker immediately, without waiting for a pause. Usually simultaneous interpreters work in a separate booth with headphones and a microphone. The specialist translates the speaker as he speaks. It is important for the interpreter to keep the pace of the speaker, to keep up with the speech by at least 20 seconds.

For such an event, special equipment and a separate booth are necessary. During lengthy negotiations, interpreters work in pairs for rest. This kind of work requires a lot of concentration and responsibility.

Consecutive interpretation for business

This type of translation service is more often. Special pauses are made for the translation. The speaker deliberately stops when he has finished a thought, giving  the translator an opportunity to translate what has been said, and then continues the speech. Such work also requires good concentration and accurate memory.

An experienced specialist will help to conduct such a meeting or negotiations without undue stress. In terms of translation, you can be sure of the professionalism of our specialists. They will be able to work in any business negotiation format, performing just their function – translating the speech of one or two parties.

Pereklad Translation Agency employs translators of various profiles. There are professionals of simultaneous or consecutive interpretation. For any event, it is important to select specialists in advance, providing them with materials that will help to dive themselves in the subject of discussion, and prepare for work.