Notarized translation of documents

Notarized translation of documents

A notarized translation of a document is a translation bearing the certification of the authenticity of the qualified translator’s signature by a notary. The translator must be present in front of the notary when the latter endorses the translation.

When notarizing the translation, the notary puts his/her executive endorsement affirming the translator’s identity, legal capacity and qualification.

When you might need to get a notarized translation of your document

A notarized translation may be needed to give legal effect to foreign documents in Ukraine and vice versa. Notarized translations of documents may be required by banks, embassies, consulates, visa application centers and many other public authorities and organizations.

Below is the list of the most common types of documents that need to be notarized:

  • identity and education documents – passport, driving license, diploma;
  • civil state certificates – birth certificate, marriage certificate;
  • references – employer reference, certificate of no criminal record, bank statement, medical records;
  • consent letters for minors traveling abroad, powers of attorney.

Specifics of notarized translations

Specifics of notarized translations

A notarized translation of a document must be 100% accurate, as any error can lead to it being rejected by the authority it is intended for. Besides, the translation and notarization often have to be performed fast, e.g. consulates will often impose strict time limits for gathering and submitting the documents.

It is a good idea to order the notarized translation of the document from the single company, rather than having it translated at the agency and then notarized at the notary’s office. In the former case, the notary usually knows the translator and has access to the documents affirming his/her qualifications, and so the notarization will take the minimum amount of time.

Why it makes sense to order notarized translation of documents

Why it makes sense to order notarized translation of documents from us

Our agency has all the prerequisites needed to deliver the high-quality and fast notarized translation of documents: our translators have relevant degrees plus we have a long-term partnership with reliable notaries in terms of notarizing translations. You can order a notarized translation into one of the 50 languages we are proficient in.

By choosing us, you will make sure to save time and money:

  • We recommend ordering several notarized copies of the document, which can be obtained at the same time as the notarized translation. You will most probably need these copies in future, and you will not have to pay for them again whenever you need a notarized translation.
  • We will translate both the document and the executive notarial endorsement, thus saving you money for the additional translation in the destination country.
  • Our partner notary can prepare two copies of the required document (such as a power of attorney or a contract), in two languages. This should speed up and simplify the legalization of the document for use in a foreign country, as well as reduce the associated costs.

If you need to notarize a translation made externally, we can have it notarized after proof-reading and correcting it as required.

Our translation agency’s rates for the notarized translation of documents start from UAH 100 per document. The procedure may take 30+ minutes.

Contact us to order a notarized translation of a document or to get free advice!