Equipment for simultaneous interpretation

Workshops, conferences, training events in Ukraine are increasingly held with the participation of foreign experts. Skilled specialists share their experience, present innovative solutions, new products and services. For such events, simultaneous interpretation services are required so that each participant can follow speeches without losing any important thesis.

Equipment for simultaneous interpretation in Ukraine

To hold an event on a professional level, experienced interpreters and high-quality devices are required. It is important to understand that no interpreter is able to convey information to every person in a huge room. So, the speaker and synchronizer need technical means to make their work easier and to improve the material perception by the participants of the event. translation bureau offers its clients and partners the modern equipment for simultaneous interpretation. Our devices allow you to work with a large audience, and also provide a high-quality support for several halls at the same time. can completely equip your premises for simultaneous interpretation. We provide: can completely equip your premises for simultaneous interpretation. We provide:

  • Microphone. A modern technical tool without distortion of sound.
  • Headphones.We offer high quality headphone kits, without distortion of sound or interfering noises, with the volume easily adjusted. With our equipment, the listeners will not get tired even during a multi-hours conference.
  • Powerful transmitters. The equipment allows providing a high-quality broadcasting for a large number of participants, without any wires and interfering noises. Technical means allow to broadcast simultaneous interpretation to several rooms.
  • Control units which monitor the uninterrupted operation of equipment throughout the entire event.
  • Translation booths. The equipment creates comfortable working conditions for the specialist. With an isolated booth, the interpreter’s voice does not drown out the voice of a speaker.
  • Translators’ console. According to the rules, simultaneous interpreters work in twos, replacing each other from time to time. The console allows you to switch between the interpreters, adjust their voices, etc.

We lease out BOSCH and DIS digital equipment for simultaneous interpretation. The equipment we use operates without interfering noises; the interpretation can not be overheard outside the venue.

Leasing out the equipment and its adjustment

Leasing out the equipment and its adjustment

Kyiv translation bureau leases out the equipment for simultaneous interpretation. We are ready to perform the works throughout Ukraine, delivering technical means to any city with our own transport. The event will be attended by our technicians who will adjust the equipment, taking into account the event's characteristics, such as the type of a room and the number of participants.

A well-coordinated team of simultaneous interpreters and technicians will provide holding conferences, forums and presentations at the highest level. Modern sound equipment makes a technical breakdown at the most crucial moment impossible.