Literary translations in Kyiv

Literary translations in Kyiv

Literary translation services in Kyiv are always in high demand. It might seem that literary translation is quite simple, but in fact, it has its specifics. The main purpose of any literary work is to produce a certain artistic effect, to create a distinct image, and this effect must not be lost in the course of literary translation.

While working on the translation of a fiction text in Kyiv, a translator should take care to preserve the author’s original language and style, to translate phrases and figures of speech accurately and to fully adapt the text to the expectations of the audience. The finished literary translation should not lose the colors and shape of the author’s identity intrinsic to the original text, and so it is very important to commit it to highly-qualified specialists.

Translation of fiction in Kyiv is our job!

Translation of fiction in Kyiv is our job!

Our translation agency has been in business since 1996 and has a vast experience in professional literary translation. Over this time, we have delivered hundreds of projects on the translation of fiction literature, advertisement content, philosophical treatises, etc.

To be able to work on literary translation in Kyiv, we have assembled a dedicated team of experience translators and editors. Our translation agency’s specialists are not only fully proficient in their language pairs, but also have advanced skills in the analysis of fiction. This ensures that the text of the literary translation conveys all the ideas of the original work.

Guaranteed quality of literary translation!

Our customers can be confident in the high quality of our literary translations, as those conform to the international standards ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN 15038.

We manage to keep up the high standards of quality thanks to our uniquely designed approach to work. We have identified the four major stages typical for any project on the translation of fiction in Kyiv:

  1. artistic analysis of the original text;
  2. literary translation;
  3. literary editing, proof-reading;
  4. preparation of the text for publishing (layout, formatting, etc.).

Each stage is performed by dedicated specialists who are responsible for specific tasks. This helps avoid various errors and inaccuracies in the translation of fiction texts.

We also guarantee the safety and confidentiality of data, as well as integrity of creative works and documents. You can be sure that none of the information sent to us will ever be divulged to third parties.

Types of literary translation in Kyiv

Types of literary translated in Kyiv

Our agency provides all kinds of literary translation services:

  • translation of fiction;
  • translation of religious texts;
  • translation of books;
  • translation of brochures and leaflets;
  • translation of advertisement content;
  • translation of poems;
  • translation of paper and magazine articles;
  • translation of psychological and philosophical papers;
  • translation of publicistic texts and more.

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