What is games localization?

The game industry is one of the rapidly advancing segments in the field of virtual technology. Interactive entertainment occupies a large share in the leisure of people around the world. That is why the translation of computer games is an urgent issue for developers.

The success of computer and video games depends on the comprehensibility of the plot, menus and instructions for all the gamers of the world. Due to localization, the product is gaining more and more fans, spreading among the broad layers of population. Therefore, besides an exciting plot, an interesting story and characters, the comprehensibility of the game for an ordinary person who does not speak languages is important for the foreign market.

Localization of games is a new stage in the development of an interactive product, an opportunity to cover the target audience as much as possible. Entering the western or eastern market is sure to come along with the translation and adaptation of product blocks, as well as the game menu.

In course of localization, the following blocks of a game can be translated:

  • Translation of instructions, menus, all text information;
  • Translation of dialogs, sound signals;
  • Localization of the game website;;
  • Graphics adaptation;
  • Translation of materials for packaging and promotion of the game;
  • Testing of the Ukrainian or Russian version.

Where can I order localization?

To order computer games translation, just contact our translation agency. Our specialists even take on complex projects. They accept the data both in Word or Excel formats. Translators work with disparate pieces of text, adapting information to a new market. Full-scale linguistic testing after translation provides for correct combining all the information by creating a single tree for the entire game.

Translation of games into Russian makes it possible to customize an interactive product for a large regional market of the CIS countries. Our translation agency can cope with products created anywhere in the world. Our team consists of specialists working with more than 50 languages.

You can contact the translation agency via any communication line. We work with developers of computer games located anywhere in the world. We accept order files by email. Payment by any credit card is possible.

How much is the game localization?

The price for translating a computer game depends on the volume and complexity of the work. We offer affordable packages that will help even novice developers to promote the product into new local markets. Our team employs professional translators with higher education and significant hands-on experience. To speed up the process, we use automatic systems that provide for quickly processing standard information. At the final stage, every document is proofread, which eliminates translation errors.

The game localization is an important stage for development companies. The further popularization of the interactive software among users of the new market, as well as its distribution around the world, depends on it. The English version, which makes the game international, is of particular importance. Our translation agency will cope with any task.