Why do we need the software localization?

For program developers, it is important not only to use the product in the domestic market, but also to further advance it in other countries. That’s why, for a new development to be successfully sold, it is important to translate the software into other languages of the world. In this case, the product will be in demand among more users.

Software localization is relevant for both mass use and for narrowly targeted corporate needs. Today, the speed of processing large scale information processing is of great importance on the IT market, so software translation is becoming an important and priority task for quickly and successfully entering the market.

Software: translation into English

Working with a new product is often associated with English as the language of international communication. If the software goes beyond national use, translation and adaptation is required. Software support and translation into English are related to the adaptation of the interface, reference materials and documents.

For high-quality localization, it is necessary for professional translators of various qualifications to be involved. The work of engineers, editors and layout designers is important here. Such translation is at the intersection of linguistics and technical disciplines. In some cases (if the program is sector-specific i.e. designed for a specific industry), knowledge in the field of medicine, economics, law, etc. is required.

Localization involves:

  • Translation of all textual information: instructions, menu items, documents;
  • Change of date formats, national currencies, alphabetical list correction;
  • Taking into account the peculiarities of the legislation of the country for which the localization is performed;
  • Dealing with the specificities of a new market.

Where can I translate the software?

It is important not only to thoroughly translate every program file into English or another world’s language, but also to test the entire software tree in order to identify possible errors. Our translation agency works directly with developers, offering profitable solutions for entering new markets.

Specialists will translate both software for the mass user and professional programs for a narrow market segment. Localization and translation of software occurs for any platform: Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. We work with files in Excel format, providing competent and professional translation at every stage of work.

Our translation agency works with developers from Ukraine and other countries of the world. Reasonable prices, any level of product localization. Convenient conditions for cooperation and payment, and most importantly – high speed of translation for launching the software in a new market. Every project meets several specialists, and we also use automated systems that accelerate the processing of data. All texts are additionally proofread.