Translation of a diploma, certificate of education

Time does not stand still, and everything around us is actively developing. Today it is important to keep abreast: to track trends, learn new things and adopt practices. Parents tend to give the child the most important thing – a good education, which can provide their children with a good start in adult life. Experienced specialists do not stop at the tops achieved, implementing innovations in life and business. Someone open up new vistas in large foreign companies, and someone decides to change their place of residence and try themselves in a new role.

In order to live out a dream, to get an interesting and successful job, well-respected and field-specific education, to upgrade one’s skills or even change one's life, it is necessary to prepare all the documents. Foreign institutions and companies require a diploma and an education certificate which confirm the level of education. In some cases it is necessary to undergo a nostrification or legalization procedure. To provide all the documents, you will need to translate a diploma or an education certificate.

How is a diploma and a certificate of education translated?

How is a diploma and a certificate of education translated?

A diploma and a certificate of education are important documents that attest of the receiving an educational degree. A certificate shows that a young person received a basic school education and got a high school graduation. A diploma attests of the receiving a specialty in an secondary or higher educational institution. Documents contain data on the scientific degree, courses heard and examinations passed. translation bureau specialists make a competent translation of diplomas and certificates. Particular attention is paid to the interpretation of scientific disciplines. We consult with experts competent in this or that area to avoid mistakes. A common translator may not know how accurately and correctly, for instance, a course of lectures on medicine is translated into English, so in our office, the translators with appropriate education and working experience take on this task. Then the editors carefully check each item.

It is important to know!

Translation of documents also includes translation of signatures and seals.

We will help to translate a diploma or certificate supplement, complete with the education documents. A supplement itself is not valid without a basic document, so it's important to make a notarized translation.

Advantages of translating a diploma and a certificate of education in

  • we translate into English, Polish, German, French, Hebrew, Arabic and other languages of the world;
  • a convenient location of the office in the centre of Kyiv;
  • a high-quality and an urgent translation of a diploma and certificate of education;
  • we translate education documents and supplements to them;
  • a notarized translation, apostille;
  • free consultation;
  • preparation of documents for a consulate or nostrification.

Guarantee of translation quality

The cornerstone of bureau’s success is the qualitative translations of documents. With the processing of each request, the field-specific specialists are engaged, who are not only fluent in a foreign language or are native speakers, but also have the education and experience in that field. That is why we clearly adhere to the correct interpretation of terminology in texts that are translated.

Any mistake can lead to a negative outcome for clients. It takes time and material expenses to rewrite documents. Our translators are responsible for their work, so we try to avoid mistakes. Each document passes a multi-level test.

Where can you arrange for the translation of your diploma and certificate of education in Kyiv, Ukraine?

Where can you arrange for the translation of your diploma and certificate of education in Kyiv, Ukraine? bureau provides all kinds of education documents translation services. We carry out notarized translations of any complexity. Our office is located in the heart of Kyiv: ‘Maidan Nezalezhnosti’ metro station, 4 Malopidvalna str. We provide an urgent translation of diplomas and certificates of education into Polish, English, German and other languages. We provide the service of delivery of documents to anywhere in Ukraine and the world.