Translation of a supplement to a diploma, certificate of education

The purposes of travelling abroad for permanent and temporary residence may be immigration, work or education. In many cases, Ukrainians are required to undergo the procedure of a diploma or certificate of education nostrification. Nostrification shall mean the procedure for recognition of your education documents abroad. To be ready for that, it is necessary to translate a diploma or a certificate of education and its supplements.

Why translate diploma supplements for international use?

Why is it necessary to translate a supplement to a diploma and a certificate of education?

The service of translation of education documents and supplements is necessary for obtaining education, continuing study abroad, upgrading qualifications by specialists, and employment. For modern and active people, this is an opportunity to have improved chances, to receive an actual and unique education in one or another field, to adopt a valuable experience. Translation of supplements may be required to advance scientific degree or a qualified specialist’s placement.

Translation of the documents is also necessary in case of immigration. It is better to take care of the complete package of documents in advance in order to minimize costs. A qualitative translation of supplements to a diploma is carried out by competent specialists of bureau in Kyiv.

What do you need to know about the translation of supplements?

What do you need to know about the translation of supplements?

Supplements to a diploma and a certificate of education are separate sheets listing the subjects studied. Depending on the type of education and program a document can consist of several pages.

It is important to know!

A supplement to a diploma is not valid without a diploma itself. Both documents are often translated together.

In most cases the translation of a diploma in Ukraine into English, German, Polish and other languages requires notary certification. Foreign institutions accept documents with an apostille, and also legalized in the consulate. Similarly, it is the case with the translation of a supplement to a certificate of education as well.

Advantages of translation bureau:

  • we carry out a competent translation of a diploma, a certificate of education and supplements to them;
  • we advise on the issues of legalization of education documents free of charge;
  • we make a notarized translation and apostille applications;
  • each document is checked by editors having specific knowledge in various fields of education, which helps to avoid mistakes in the translation of abbreviations and scientific disciplines.

Our specialists carry out an urgent translation of applications of diplomas and certificates of education. Managers are responsible for their work, which guarantees a high quality of the service. We understand that any mistake can slow down the processing of documents and lead to additional costs, so each translation is carried out by a qualified specialist with extensive experience in education documents. Editors check all the nuances of the translation.

It is important to know!

The translation of a supplement also includes translation of signatures and seals.

If necessary, we will prepare a complete package of documents for legalization and nostrification of a supplement and a diploma or a certificate of education themselves. We provide the service of delivery of a document anywhere in Ukraine and the world.