Non-conviction certificate translation

A non-conviction certificate is issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and is an official document that indicates the fact that a person is not charged with a criminal offence at the time of the request, is not wanted and is not currently convicted in the territory of the country. The certificate is needed for citizens both inside and outside the country

Requirements for the translation of a non-conviction certificate

Требования к переводу справки о несудимости

Abroad, a non-conviction certificate is requested while applying for a job, to a bank, obtaining a residence permit or adopting a child. The certificate with an official stamp is recognized in all countries of the world, but there are certain requirements to it. The document must be translated into the official language of a country requesting the information.

According to the requirements developed by the Hague Convention, the condition for the provision of the document to foreign institutions is the presence of the apostille stamp . That is why the translation of a non-conviction certificate should be carried out by competent specialists who know all the legal nuances and terminology. If a country for which the document is issued is not a party of the Hague Convention, then all the certificates are certified through a consulate, which does not save you from having to use services of professional translators.

Where can you arrange for the translation of a non-conviction certificate?

Where can you arrange for the translation of a non-conviction certificate?

You can translate a non-conviction certificate in Kyiv bureau. Our advantages:

  • we make an urgent translation, as the validity period of the certificate is 3 months only;
  • we translate into English, Polish, German, French, Hebrew and other languages of the world;
  • a high-quality translation by a competent specialist;
  • a notary certification of documents on the place;
  • a high level of service and low prices.

It is important to know!

The way of legalization of a non-conviction certificate may differ for each country. Our specialists can consult you for free, they will give you the clue as to what you have to undertake and how you should properly draw up a document to use it abroad.

Translation errors, improper drawing up the certificate can be revealed abroad when submitting a documentation package to a relevant institution. In order to avoid another procedure of translation and legalization, and even more so of a new order of a certificate in the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Ukraine, apply for a professional translation in Our managers are responsible for their work, which guarantees a high quality and eliminates an error possibility.

It is important to know!

In most cases the translation of a non-conviction certificate must be notarized. This is when it becomes valid.

In our translation bureau we will provide you with a full range of services, including translation, notarization, apostillation and legalization of documents depending on requirements of a country for institutions of which you collect certificates. We quickly process any request, calculate the cost of the service and execute the work in the shortest possible time. We deliver the finished translation anywhere in Ukraine and all over the world.