Translation of medical certificates

When traveling abroad for business or personal purposes, the Ukrainians may need to translate their medical certificates. In some cases, they are needed for work, admission to educational institutions, as well as for undergoing a course of treatment. The certificate confirms the health condition of a person, indicates vaccinations, surgeries received and other details. This document is compiled by a competent doctor, certified with a signature and a seal. In order to use a certificate abroad, it should be translated into a language of a country where a trip is planned.

Translation of medical certificates into English and other languages

Translation of medical certificates into English and other languages

Medical translation is a field-specific translation, which should be made by a qualified specialist. Ideally, a doctor, a pharmacist, a medical professional should perform the translation. Medical texts are abound with the specific and narrowly focused terminology, which should not only be understood, but correctly translated, avoiding different interpretations. The same term can be translated in different ways in the UK and America.

Specialists of translation bureau in Kyiv carry out the translation of medical certificates of any complexity. We have specialists who are both educated medical workers and translators. They monitor changes in the scientific environment, constantly enriching their knowledge base with new, relevant terms and participate in seminars and conferences. Every medical translation is checked by a specialized doctor that provides a high quality of service.

Types of translations:

  • of medical certificates;
  • of hospital charts and clinical records;
  • of prescriptions written;
  • of medical assessment reports etc.

Our specialists are ready to work with hand-written documents. Medical handwriting is not an obstacle to the provision of a service. When questions arise or an additional consultation is needed, the translators apply to narrowly focused doctors, which helps to avoid gross errors in diagnoses. translation bureau guarantees the data confidentiality.

Translation of medical certificates into Ukrainian and Russian

Translation of medical certificates into Ukrainian and Russian

Foreign citizens coming to Ukraine may need a service of translation of medical certificates from English, French, Italian, Polish and other languages. Our specialists are ready to translate any medical assessment report into Ukrainian or Russian with preservation of terminology and abbreviations.

All the translations are performed by our employees who regularly work with medical topics. Specialists have a good command of modern scientific terminology. translation bureau cooperates with both Ukrainian and foreign specialists. We consult on the most important issues in the field of medicine, regularly study and adopt their experience.

The translation of medical texts in our bureau in Kyiv takes place in several stages: analysis of the certificate, clarification of terms and vocabulary by consulting with practicing doctors, translation, editing and payment for the work./p>

We take every piece of work seriously. Translators take responsibility for their work, so we guarantee you will have a ready certificate with an accurate translation. You will receive the translation of medical documents into most languages of the world in Company in Kyiv. We will send a finished translation to anywhere in Ukraine and in the world.