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notary-translation To perform a notarized translation of documents

Are you planning a trip abroad and obtaining a visa? On the other hand, are you going to study in another country or an internship in an international company? Alternatively, maybe you need to sign a contract with foreign partners? Do you need a notarized translation of documents for these and similar reasons? For each case, this is an individual package of documents, which is determined based on your goals and objectives.


What is a notarized translation?

The translation is called notarized, because except for the translation, it is necessary to certify the document with a notary seal. The translator prepares the text in accordance with international requirements in document flow. A notary confirms the accuracy of the data processed by the linguist, if a copy is certified, as well as the qualifications of the specialist who worked on the material.

To meet the requirements of a notarized verified translation, a linguist should:

  • Have a diploma confirming qualifications;
  • Be present in the notary's office when verifying the material;
  • Provide the original of the document (if a copy is verified) and its translation.

To work with personal and commercial documents, a highly qualified specialist is required. In this event, it is important to translate terms, names of bodies, and data of a person or a company clearly and correctly. All numbers are accurately transferred from the original. The spelling of the first and last name is usually taken from the citizen's international passport. If the documents of a foreigner are translated, the data is verified against the entry visa or other materials issued by the Ukrainian state authorities.

You can make a notarized translation of documents for anything. The most common situations are:

  • Study-related travel;
  • Employment abroad;
  • Moving to a temporary or permanent place of residence;
  • Transactions, operations, purchase and sale of real estate abroad.

Translation of foreign documents into Ukrainian, verified by a notary, is considered official. Such materials are accepted in all Civil Status Registration Offices, migration services, and government agencies. In some cases, apostillation or legalization may be required.

How to perform a notarized translation of documents?

If you do not know how to make a notarized translation of documents, we recommend that you heed our advice. Apply to the translation agency next to which the notary's office is located. In this case, the service will be often priced cheaper, and you will save. Otherwise, you will have to give a document to the translator, and then go to the notary with the translator (if you are worried and do not want to leave the original documents in someone else's hands). Such arrangement is time consuming and more expensive than the first option.

The notary authenticate a signature and qualifications of the person who translated the document. The translator guarantees the accuracy and correctness of the work he/she performed. Foreign authorities accept only documents executed in a proper manner.

The client can partially check the correctness of the translation, even if he/she does not know a foreign language. It is important to check the correct spelling of the first and family name. They must match the data in the international passport. Numbers and digits are transferred as in the original. Names of residential places and streets are transliterated from Ukrainian into English or another language.