Translation of certificates (of birth, marriage etc.)

For some trips abroad, it is often required to have much more documents than just a foreign passport. The advance preparation of a documentation package makes it possible to make any journey, working visit or immigration easy and fruitful.

Why would you need the translation of a birth certificate?

When going abroad, do not forget to make the translation of your child’s certificate of birth. Even during a tourist trip it is necessary to confirm that a child is traveling with his or her parents. A child’s having his or her own passport or a record in his or her mom’s and dad’s passports is not enough.

A birth certificate translation in Ukraine is also required when applying for a visa. Documents are translated into English, German, French, Polish, Chinese and other languages, depending on a country where you are going. In the countries of the European Union, despite the visa-free access, an extended stay requires an entry visa.

In case of immigration or temporary residence abroad, you will need the translation of a birth certificate. Migration services, educational and medical institutions will ask you to provide a relevant documentation package in that state language. This procedure also includes adults. When preparing documents for a temporary or permanent residence permit, a notarized birth certificate is required. Preliminary execution of the translation with the help of bureau, either conventional or certified by a notary, will save your money.

Translation of a birth certificate into Ukrainian

In the event that you or your child were born outside of Ukraine, then the translation of a birth certificate into Ukrainian is required for drawing up documents, getting enrolled in school or a kindergarten. The procedure is mandatory when acquiring citizenship, making “residence permit”.

In order to translate a birth or marriage certificate into Ukrainian, contact our specialists at bureau. We provide urgent translations from any language of the world. Applying to the professionals will help you to avoid mistakes and save your time. A finished translation is sealed or certified by a notary, in accordance with the requirements of state agencies and other institutions.

Why would you need the translation of a marriage certificate?

Why would you need the translation of a marriage certificate?

СA marriage certificate is an important document that confirms family ties. It is required to be translated for filing requests for a residence permit and obtaining citizenship. A marriage certificate will help to establish the bloodline. In certain cases, you may need to translate your parents’ marriage certificate.

The certificate is requested when applying for a visa, changing a name, obtaining new documents, sometimes in employment. bureau makes translations into English, Polish, Chinese and other languages. In Kyiv, foreign citizens can translate their marriage certificates into Ukrainian in our office.

It is important to know!

! Certificates of birth and marriage should not be laminated, without any extraneous marks.

Where to translate birth and marriage certificates in Kyiv?

Where to translate birth and marriage certificates in Kyiv? translation bureau will help you to prepare any documents by making a high-quality translation. Our office is located in the heart of Kyiv, not far from ‘Maidan Nezalezhnosti’ metro station.

Advantages of translating the certificate in

  • a qualitative work in a clearly defined deadline;
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