Translation of a foreign passport into Ukrainian

Foreign citizens come to Ukraine every year. Every person may have different purposes of visiting: tourism, business trips, business, immigration. For each case, processing of documents is needed. Everything begins with the translation of a foreign passport into Ukrainian.

In what cases is a passport translation required in Ukraine? bureau is ready to prepare documents for guests of Ukraine urgently and qualitatively. For foreign citizens, the translation of a passport into Ukrainian is needed in following cases:

  • Immigration.It is the most common reason that requires the translation of the document. For a temporary or permanent residence permit, all completed pages of a passport are translated into Ukrainian. The translation is certified with a signature and seal of the bureau and notary.
  • Marriage.In Ukraine, it is required to submit the translation into Ukrainian of a foreigner’s passport to a Civil Registry Office. Often such a translation should be formalized with a notarization. Therefore, in order not to overshadow your wedding plans, we recommend taking care of it in advance.
  • Obtaining the taxpayer identification number. Opening a bank account, starting a business and other financial, and not only, issues are those that can not be solved without a VAT certificate from tax office. To obtain the number, a foreign citizen will need to provide a translation and a copy of his/her passport.
  • Conclusion of bargains, contracts with a notarial witness. The legal registration of many documents requires the translation of a passport into Ukrainian. Drawing up a power of attorney, selling an apartment, coming into fortune or conclusion of an official contract between parties require a notarial witness with a provision of both parties’ identities papers translated into the national language.

There are quite a lot of cases when the translation is needed. These are the 4 main ones that our clients typically face.

How is a foreign passport translated in Ukraine?

How is a foreign passport translated in Ukraine?

A foreign citizen may need several options of translating and copying execution. In some cases, the translation of all completed pages by the bureau specialist is sufficient. The document is certified in Ukraine by a signature of a translator and the bureau seal. In others, a notarized translation is required, with a certified copy of an original document. In this case, a finished translation is notarized.

A notarized copy of a passport provides for the making of all its pages copies, as well as for the making of photocopies-extracts. Copies are stapled, stitched together and certified with a signature and seal of a notary.

Where can a foreigner in Kyiv arrange for the translation of his/her documents?

Where can a foreigner in Kyiv arrange for the translation of his/her documents?

In bureau, in the centre of Kyiv, all the services of the foreign passports translation are carried out. If necessary, we will provide a regular or a notarized translation with a copy of a document.

Specialists of our bureau work with more than 50 languages. We are ready to translate a foreign passport into Ukrainian urgently and efficiently. We render the whole complex of services for foreigners: translation of birth and marriage certificates , diplomas, certificates of education. We prepare documents for consulates, apostille.

A competent expert translation will help to avoid mistakes, saving time and money. We draw up documents for any purpose. We offer consultations on main issues to foreign citizens free of charge. translation bureau office is located in the heart of Kyiv, not far from ‘Maidan Nezalezhnosti’ metro station. We provide the service of delivery of a package of documents to anywhere in Ukraine.